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Tim and I have marvelled again at how fortunate we are, to have met such great friends through blogging (as well as each other, of course).  I wonder every year if people will still want to come, I don’t mind whether there are six of us or forty – we’ve not hit either extreme yet … actually, if it turned out to be more then we’d rethink the system a bit but we wouldn’t turn a hair.  LT and I both love welcoming guests and making friends (which is just as well, really, it’d be a pity if only one of us did).

The weather was glorious and, for the first time ever, we lunched outside.  We’d had Rufus Russell’s first birthday party the week before and learned that putting tables in the sun made people take their chairs into the shade, so we relocated the tables instead.  And we thought we’d need three tables but people squeezed themselves onto two.  We put the food in the first dining room, where it was reasonably cool, and everyone helped themselves and ambled outside again.

I’ve cooked a whole ham on the bone for the last couple of years, but we actually couldn’t face the leftovers this time, so I just did a piece of gammon.  And the piece of sirloin I cooked and LT sliced for our wedding feast was gorgeous, so we did that again (cooked at 15 minutes to the pound and then taken out 5 minutes early, it was perfect if you like juicily rare beef) and we cooked a side of salmon and LT made his famous wholemeal leek quiche.  And salads – heads up to Roses for her fabulous potato salad and hummous – and then Ann brought trifle and meringue, M brought her delicious pineapple fruit cake and I made brownies and syllabub and put out soft fruit, and we had a cheeseboard.  Simple.  As simple as it could be, because it was hot, too hot to cook.

It’s true, darlings, I’m obsessed with food and so you get the full details.  But in fact, it is always the company that makes a party, not the food at all.

I wore my wedding dress, by the way, and it didn’t take much persuasion (no persuasion at all, to be honest, it just was mentioned) to get me to find up and put on my Hat, either.  Overdressed, moi?  Hah.  I didn’t care.

It’s been even hotter today, we’ve taken it pretty easy.  Zoe and Mike, with Scout the border collie, stayed over and we had a leisurely and late breakfast before they trecked the 100+ miles home (they drove it, to be precise) which must have been a bit of an ordeal, especially for Scout.

Thank you all.  And if you’d like a party next year, we’ll be happy to do it – and, as ever, you’re all invited.

7 comments on “The blog party

  1. Zed

    It was a lovely afternoon and evening, catching up with bloggers we met last year. The company, food, accommodation and breakfast with fresh eggs was far more than could be asked for. I’m already looking forward to next year 😊 many thanks for such a wonderful stay.

  2. Madeleine

    It was a great day, most delicious food of which there was more than ample, stimulating company, much laughter.

    Many thanks are due to Zoe and Tim for all the work they undertook to make this another success.

  3. Z Post author

    We love seeing you all and thank you again for coming all this way. Vicus, if you don’t come next year, I’ll wonder if you’re actually a figment of my imagination – which is wild and uncontained, it’s true, but not usually entirely fantastical.


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