The Bees’ Knees

I spent a while cooking for this evening’s supper and quiz – I made a goulash, my favourite chicken, tomato and pesto dish, a chilli bean and vegetable casserole, salad and baked potatoes, fruit salad and syllabub.  It was all kept simple – other people brought puddings too so I didn’t have much to do.  It all went well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  The quizmaster was good, keeping it lighthearted and not too competitive, and he had a fine turn of North Suffolk speech, which is always appreciated.

The final three rounds were quite tight, when one team caught up with the front runners, then gained one more point and finally another to win by two marks.  The Bees’ Knees won over the Train Set.

9 comments on “The Bees’ Knees

  1. Z

    The enjoyment of the evening could only have been increased by your participation, Dave. If you hadn’t been so far away, I’d have invited you, but it did go on late.

    You’d have known all the answers though. Except those which referred to popular culture.

  2. Dave

    The answers might have been somewhere in my commodious* brain, but my filing system seems to have gone astray, as I find it increasingly hard to find things with any speed. Not much use in a quiz then.

    *See, I originally wrote ‘compendious’ there, which doesn’t mean that at all.

  3. Z

    Amazingly, I managed to remember the name of the male lead in a 60s sitcom that I never watched. On the other hand, I couldn’t remember the name of the PM who won the first post-WW2 election. Which makes no sense at all. Still, you’d expect any filing system of mine to be a bit random.

    Thank you, HDWK!

    They’d have been far too clever for me if he had, Chris. MInd you, if there had been a round of Best Apps, I’d have had a chance.

  4. Gledwood

    I remember going to an illegal rave in a barn in Thetford forest about 18 years ago and that was called “Bees Knees”… you didn’t happen to go too, did you..?!??

    PS what IS syllabub? They’re always doing it on Come Dine With Me… would chocolate syllabub be a fancy name for chocolate sloppy stuff?… (My favourite pudding, ha-haarr!!)

  5. Z

    Yes, it was, Dave. As I know damn well.

    Ooh no, I’m afraid not, Gled, I was relatively young and really quite respectable in those days, I’ve only gone off the rails as I’ve got old.

    Sloppy stuff, yes. I’ve never come across chocolate syllabub, but I suppose it could be done, though why they don’t just call it mousse, I don’t know.

    I make it by whisking cream, sugar, lemon juice and alcohol (I use sherry and brandy) together, but I do a non-alcoholic version with apple or orange juice too. It’s a very old recipe that dates back hundreds of years – 16th century, I think.


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