The bantams gossip

I’ve let the chickens out of their coops into their greenhouse, so they’re learning to get on together.  They are all enjoying exploring the new area – the new ones, that is, as Mona, the single remainer from the flock, knows it already and clearly remembers her way about.  I’d meant to leave it a few more days but they were so obviously feeling some stress at not having enough room.  Mona and the three Seramas are roosting together but clearly there is still some tension – it’s been three and one so far and I think it’ll take a few more days for them to relax.  This afternoon, I was out in my greenhouse and heard some loud clucking.  You really wouldn’t have thought it was only three small bantams and I went to investigate.  As soon as they saw me, they fell silent.  I went in, scattered some corn, which they started to eat, and watched them for a few minutes.  There was silence apart from a little appreciative crooning.  So I went out again.  Before the door was shut, the noise started up again.  A little while later, LT went out and, on his return, reported that the same thing had happened.  As soon as he was spotted approaching the chickens’ greenhouse, they were silent until he turned to leave.  I suspect they’re talking about us behind our backs.

Mona has laid two eggs and one of the little ones, I suspect Jet, as it was a tiny egg, has laid one.  The Seramas’ eggs (Compostwoman gave us half a dozen to eat as well as some to set for hatching) are small but have lovely, rich, deep yellowy-orange yolks.

I asked Jonny the farmer if he could spare a couple of loads of muck – it needs to rot down over the summer but that’s all right – and he said yes, certainly, but remind him.  I said I would, but didn’t generally remind more than twice as that’s nagging.  Nag, he said.  Last person had to ask about eight times.  So I mentioned it to Lewis this afternoon; so that’s twice.  Fingers crossed.  i also sent a reminder that I could do with some extra fence posts.  By first thing Wednesday, preferably.  Evidently, I’m becoming less meek … we’re buying them of course, not asking for favours.

Eloise cat clearly adores LT.  As I write, she is lying behind his head on the top of the sofa, to be as near him as possible.  We both feed her but I tend to do it more and to give out treats.  And she does come and sit on me and purr, but I think she loves him best.  That’s all right.  So do I.

2 comments on “The bantams gossip

  1. Glenda

    How awful about your dear chickens. I ‘m sure you have concern about this is new group. Hope they will be alright. Sounds like a lovely holiday that you had. A few day ago, you mentioned stress. I have had to give up watching the nightly national news. That I would have to do so is astonishing to me.

    1. Z Post author

      We have put extra wire over everywhere, put extra wire underground, then put mesh over the wire so that a claw can’t try to hook through, yet I’m still anxious, though I know they should be fine. They seem more relaxed with each other today, though the one still stays mostly separate from the three.

      I watched the news about the awful attack on Westminster Bridge, that’s about all this year. I avoid it. I do read The Times, but I miss out bits that make me too anxious. This is astonishing to me too. It’s never happened before. I used to start my day listening to the news programme on BBC radio, listen again at lunchtime and put on the tv news in the evening.


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