That in-between day…

…when it’s no one’s birthday. Not in our family anyway. Happy Birthday if it’s yours.

I went to a quiz tonight. We won last year and bore away the trophy – a shield – in triumph. Cost the Sage nearly a fiver to get it engraved, mind you. We came second this time, which was the best possible result as far as I was concerned – to win twice running would look a bit too keen and give us a reputation to keep up too, but one hardly wants the wooden spoon. The most embarrassing question to get right was “who had a hit with ‘The One and Only’ in 1991′?”. Indeed, I did know. I apologise.

I looked after the shop for 3 hours again today to give Al a break. If he were employed, he’d have taken a few days off right at the start and got over this, but that’s not possible. I’m babysitting tomorrow morning, but I’ve told him I can go in during the afternoon and again for as long as he likes on Monday. Tim has his children coming to stay so he is taking the whole week off, so Al will have to work longer hours than usual, even with me helping. I don’t mind, except that it’s jolly cold in there – this afternoon I took a chair and a book and sat outside between serving customers as it was a good deal warmer out there.

The silly thing I did was to forget to put my insert in my shoe – I remembered when well on the way to school in the morning on my bike (now the weather’s not so cold I can keep going all the way up the hill, huzzah). I had 3mm-worth in my bag, so I put those in, but usually I use 9mm, and I was wearing heels as well, so it’s not ideal for the balance. It’s not much difference – it’s a bit like when I don’t put in my contact lens and don’t notice for quite some time, but once I’ve realised I can really tell the difference.

Another quiz tomorrow night, will the jollity never cease?

7 comments on “That in-between day…

  1. PI

    We’ve got into the habit of participating with the Eggheads and it’s amazing how longevity means you know a surprisingly correct amount of the answers. Of course were we to do it in a studio we’d be struck dumb.

  2. Z

    Dave, is it worse to be proud of ignorance or embarrassed by knowledge?

    Pat, when I see the Eggheads I just want a team to beat them and wipe the smug smiles off their faces. I don’t see it often so I never see it happen.


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