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Ro is really pleased that so many people have visited his site and thanks you very much. It led one of his employers back here – I thought it might. I have never met either of them and now I think I’m a bit reluctant to; not that he took it amiss or that I said anything out of turn. As if, dears, as if. Ro was able, truthfully, to say that he’s never read this blog – he makes a point of it in fact. Better not to know, is his attitude.

And thanks to Dandelion for pointing out places where the instructions could be better explained. We’ve known about these bags for so long and, although we haven’t made any before, we’ve watched Al’s twinkling fingers so many times that we hardly needed the instructions, so it was really helpful to have someone completely new to it have a go.

If you make a bag as a gift bag, maybe in a larger or smaller size (broadsheet newspaper, sheet of wrapping paper, magazine pages) then I’d try it with a tabloid size newspaper, according to the instructions, first and then do it again, adjusting by eye. The reinforcement at the top – the cardboard strips – are only needed to strengthen the handles so aren’t needed if it’s for something very light.

Weeza and Zerlina came over this afternoon. Little z is one month old today. She has gained more than a pound in weight now and is awake a lot more of the time. She looks around and waves her arms and legs and her expression certainly changes when she sees her mother. You can see the loving recognition in her face. She seems to like me and usually falls asleep on me after a few minutes. I looked after Squiffany and Pugsley this afternoon too, and we all played hide and seek in the garden, including z. Won’t it be lovely when all the cousins are old enough to play together? This is a great garden for hide and seek. I used to do treasure hunts for my children, with cryptic clues appropriate to their then ages. That was good for birthday parties too. One year, I did a picnic birthday tea in the garden on rugs, which was a step into informality too far for 6 year olds. Most of the food was trodden into the rugs. Still, at least I never lost any of the children which was quite good going. Mind you, I could run pretty fast in those days.

12 comments on “Thanks

  1. Dave

    I like the idea of making them as gift bags. That’s birthday and Christmas presents solved for the next 30 years then.

    Mind you, some people may get fed up of getting paper bags as presents – but it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it?

  2. Z

    I have seen the rooms full of boxes, Dave and your garden impatiently awaiting landscaping – I do believe you. Thanks for the link.

  3. Id Entity

    May I just report that magazines are less good to do it with? The paper consistency accepts glue less well, and doesn’t hold its folds as nicely. I have fears for the bottom of my effort, but I shall be posting it to him imminently nevertheless.


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