Thank you

Thanks so much for all your helpful advice and suggestions yesterday.  It’s clarified several things for me.  Trying before we consider buying is certainly the way forward, and hiring a tool in the first instance makes a lot of sense.  In fact, that might be the best thing to do overall, and maybe buying a much lighter strimmer to keep things under control, along with scything, earlier in the year.  If we do decide to buy a brushcutter, it will be for the use of a gardener, its weight and power will be too much for me for more than occasional short use.

Time to consider downsizing?  Well, it’s been discussed.  But it’s out of the question as far as the Sage is concerned.  So I’m tackling the situation round its edges by trying to declutter instead.  With his proclivity for continuing to collect stuff, any stuff (I discovered a chair he’d bought last week and hidden in Ro’s bedroom), this is an uphill battle.  I point out that when we’re dead the children will get in clearance people and have massive bonfires, so better to deal with it now while he’s got control.

Anyway, yesterday I started to go through Kenny’s shed.  I still can’t get in the door, but there’s space on a couple of shelves.

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  1. Mike and Ann

    We’ve downsized TWICE, and, as you’ve seen, we now fit quite happily into a small home, with a tiny garden. Mind you, it’s still fairly cluttered; well the house is cluttered and the garden’s a touch overcrowded.

  2. Z

    The outbuildings are full, Mike, the Sage still has things in his workshops from his teens. Whenever and however it’s done, clearing it all out will be an arduous job.

  3. Z

    Oh darling, we did! He filled them. There’s so much stuff, you wouldn’t believe. There’s an old Fergie tractor that I haven’t clapped eyes on for 20 years, which he bought because it would be so useful.

  4. Rog

    We’ve just reclaimed our Dining Room from a wall of stock and it is indeed a therapeutic experience to go through.
    My garage is bulging at the seams mind…

  5. Z

    Yeah, true dat. And I might just cry.

    Or I might open a bottle of wine. The Sage is cooking tonight, all I have to do is get mildly pissed and a bit maudlin. Cheers, darlings.

  6. 63mago

    As Dr.B. (I mentioned him on my blog some time ago) saied: “Es ballt sich zusammen, und geht doch wieder auseinander.” We were talking about book collections and private libraries. I helped with the “downsizing” of his own unique collection, brought together in seventy years of active collecting and publishing.
    I felt so ashamed that I was in no position to take it over and keep it together. And the politics of the local university library nearly made me loose contenance.
    So, yes, things need to be sorted.

    BTW, is the tractor usable? Could help with meadows and bushland.

  7. Z

    It isn’t helped, of course, that I have thousands of books from my parents’ house that I haven’t been able to bear to dispose of. It’s much easier to get rid of books that I’ve bought and don’t want to keep. Otherwise, I’m glad that I’m not a collector – though, being of a practical bent, I like to have plenty of cooking and dining utensils so that I can cook for as many people as turn up.

    Mago, if one wants to have any control over what happens to a collection then it’s necessary to keep it in order. The tractor may well be usable, but it’s deep in the barn among a lot of other stuff, we can’t get at it!


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