We did all that – we’d hope that the bed wouldn’t have to be dismantled completely, because it would be simpler both for us and for the end recipient but, though we managed to get it – minus the head and foot board – down the first flight of stairs, there’s an awkward turn to the stairs down to the hall, so we just took it apart to its basics.

In the morning, I suddenly suggested taking a set of Allen keys as well as the various screwdrivers, and both LT and I felt I was being a bit OTT, but I took them anyway.  And HAH.  They were just what we needed.  And there were actually two sets in the bag, so we were both able to work at the numerous attachments.  It was all quite a lot of work and we were both tired by the end of the day, with one thing and another.  But it’s done and I drove there and he drove back and it couldn’t have been achieved by one person, certainly not by me – it’s a height thing as much as strength.

Today, I had an email to say that the new tenants have passed the reference and other hurdles and they’ve signed the contract too.  So I’m jolly relieved and all’s set.  I left them a nice note, welcoming them, giving them the meter readings and so on.  Every time I visit the flat, i think how lovely it is there.  It’s spacious for its size, even I could live there … if I didn’t actually have any stuff.  Which isn’t going to happen, but if it did.

I’ve dealt with all the photos, which takes quite a long time.  And now I’ve just got to finish the catalogue descriptions, ready for Weeza to design the catalogue itself.  And then the boring bit will be out of the way.  Hoorah.

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