I spent some time pottering back and forth with everyday essentials to the annexe.  I haven’t made the bed yet, nor found suitable china, but most of the rest is ready.  Mimi will be arriving on Tuesday sometime.  It’s just occurred to me, however, that there isn’t a television through there and little hope of an internet connection – when we had our recent upgrade, we moved the hub into this room and, though the connection is better and stronger, our thick walls mean it doesn’t travel too well and we do need a booster.  It’s not even too good in my study – it does work but has a tendency to cut out once in a while which is a real pain when filling in forms or paying for something online.

I can get round both of those by telling her she’s welcome to come through here, of course, but it’ll be at the expense of her and our privacy – not that this is a bother to us, I don’t know how she’ll be about it.  I’d better ask Ro’s advice about the wifi.  And I have been meaning to buy a tv for next door, though with no sense of urgency.

We went to Norwich yesterday to buy Ro’s birthday present, which I’d reserved the evening before.  Since the weather was so hot, I reckoned they might have sold out of my chosen model of barbecue … of course, it was the signal for a change in the weather and it’s still quite cool, though supposed to be hot again tomorrow.  Anyway, while waiting at the customer service desk, I realised that the man in front of me (with his back to me, my facial recognition skills may not be marvellous but I do know what my friends look like) was Dave, without whose help we’d never have built our wall.  He was buying stuff for a DIY project for a friend, who knew all about the wall and would love to see it.  So we’ll arrange something soon.  But of all the DIY stores in all the world (or Norwich, anyway), what a coincidence to meet him at the help desk – if I’d not reserved the barbecue, if he’d found all he’d needed on the shelves…

7 comments on “Synchronicity

  1. Z

    Thank you, LX, that was interesting. It’s new equipment and we’ve tried changing channels, the free options won’t work. Ronan recommends powerline adaptors, so I’ve ordered them – he says it works for him, but the alternative is a wireless booster. For myself, I just need it to reach the study as it’s fine for my bedroom – it’s not far away but there are several thick walls in the way. The downside of a very old house. If it gets to the annexe, that would be a bonus.

  2. Sarah

    I hope they work for you. The strange thing about our WiFi is that we can connect at the bus stop across the road (presumably because it’s travelling through windows) but not in our kitchen.

  3. Z

    Yes, it stretches further into the garden than in the house, which at least means I can sit out there and use the iPad.

    Maybe I could, Sir B but I’m afraid I no longer understand anything to do with televisions. When I think I used to be the only one who could work the video recorder….


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