Sunday morning in Wiltshire

We’ve had a lovely couple of days, and Zig really enjoyed going to the supermarket and just doing ordinary shopping.  When you haven’t felt up to normal everyday things, doing them again feels steadying and self-reliant and independent. Last night, she had a worse than usual headache (the medication she had on Friday always gives her a headache) so I hope she feels better today.

There was a splendid headline on the webpage of my local paper yesterday – “large pile of chicken manure catches fire.”  It’s what everyone thinks Norfolk is all about.

Things will be changing at the Zeddary in a few weeks and I’m not going to be living alone later in the summer. Arrangements are being made, more about that before long.  A few of you know – Rose, of course, I’ve talked to a couple of others.  Once I’m home and can type on the comfortable computer rather than the iPad.

which reminds me, I really do fancy a new computer.  I should get on with that before long.



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    1. Z Post author

      The article didn’t say – I suspect it overheated in the high temperatures of the last few days and it was spontaneous combustion.


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