Sunday evening

Young Stevo came over to do some work in the garden, but it rained after a while, so I got him to help in the house instead and we’ve laid the tables for next Sunday.  It was fine to start with, fortunately, so we fetched extra tables from the church (yes, I asked if I could borrow them first) and cleared some boxes from the porch, filled the hearths in the two dining rooms with logs and generally got as ready as possible.  I’m going to do a very simple cold meal, though there will be some hot ‘proper’ puddings too, as there will be lots of us, including about ten young children and complicated food might not go down so well.  I’ll go and order a whole gammon on the bone tomorrow, that’s always popular.

I shifted some furniture in here this evening, so that I can sit on the sofa with Ben cuddled up next to me by the fire – it was over on the other side of the room.  I’ve put the computer on too high a table though and must change that tomorrow, I’m getting a crick in my neck already.  I’ve had this computer for several years now and will have to contemplate changing it eventually.  Much as I like my iPad, I don’t think I want to do away with a desktop while I still do quite a lot of work on it, and I never liked working for long on Russell’s laptop either.  I just wasn’t that comfortable, convenient though it was to carry around.  If I take off in a van, I’ll have to manage with an iPad and can see how that goes for a while.

I’ve got a busy week coming up, but at least I’m having my hair cut on Tuesday.  That’ll relax me a bit, I expect.  Years ago, I had very long hair that I rarely had trimmed and when I finally had it shortened, I was so unused to the relaxing effect of sitting in a hairdresser’s chair and listening to the rhythmic snip of the scissors that I found it very hard to stay awake.  Al, as a small boy, used to fall asleep when he was being fitted for new shoes.  Must be some sort of reflexology thing, I supposed, but it made getting him to stand and walk about to try them on quite difficult.

5 comments on “Sunday evening

  1. Pontillius

    I’m still here and reading your blog regularly, but I seem to have lost heart in commenting on blogs. I love just reading them but can never think of a suitable comment. Perhaps it’s my age, or like you I usually have such a lot of other things to fit into a short day.

    I know it’s disappointing to check a post that you have spent ages writing and then to see “No Comments” later, but rest assured I am still reading and enjoying your posts, as are probably a lot of other people but without comment.

    1. Mike Horner

      I think a great many of us do that, Pontillius. I tend only to comment when I’ve thought of something helpful or constructive to say. I must try harder to comment appreciattively, if it’s only to say thankyou for a blog I’ve just read. Thanks Z.

  2. Z Post author

    Well, it was a pretty random series of paragraphs and hardly worth any comments, though it’s lovely to hear from you. I have about as many readers as I’ve always had, according to my stat counter, but receive markedly fewer comments. That’s partly because of having to register and partly, I think, because it’s the way of blogging nowadays. I don’t leave so many comments either, but I do make a point of saying something to my friends once in a while, at least.


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