Al and Dilly decided to go to a car boot sale today; indeed, they were going to have a stall themselves. They asked if we could look after the children; fine, I said, I’m not playing the organ so I’ll take them to church. Um, we’ll have to make an early start, added Al.

Fine. I set the alarm for 6am and was walking up their garden path at half-past.

The children were sweet. I always get to the church an hour before the service as there’s a lot to do – today, I was helping with coffee and responsible for the Mothering Sunday flowers, as well as the usual things that crop up, and Squiffany and Pugsley were amazingly good-humoured as I bustled about. They started to suggest it was about time to go home at about the time the service was starting, but were still cheerful when I explained. During the service, they cheerily proffered hands to shake and Pugsley clapped at the end of each hymn, and they helped hand out the bunches of flowers to everyone, including men.

On the way home, Squiffany fell over and cried first for Mummy and then for Daddy, but she was brave and allowed herself to be comforted; I carried her the rest of the way. We decided that a good bounce on my bed would cheer her up, and talked about endorphins … she knows quite a lot about ‘dorphins because she’s watched Finding Nemo.

Ro cooked lunch, and excellent it was. Roast chicken, which was perfect and moist and herby, sausages, roast potatoes, sweet potatoes cooked with shallots and cumin, carrots and broccoli; and rhubarb crumble and custard to follow. He cooked the rhubarb in orange juice and a very little sugar. Squiffany and her mother had made cakes to eat with coffee.

I slept for over an hour in the afternoon.

7 comments on “Sunday

  1. Imperatrix

    Those are two very well-behaved grandchildren you have! And what a super grandmother you are to share jumping on your bed with them.

    A perfect day all around, huh?

  2. PI

    Ro is a star! And does he also solve computer probs for you? Then you are truly blessed. Sounds like a perfect family day but I do worry about your bed:)_

  3. Z

    They aren’t allowed to jump on their parents’ bed, but it’s the duty and pleasure of a grandmother to be indulgent.

    Wouldn’t have made great television, Dave. No rows, for a start.

  4. Z

    Ro does, but it’s a job for him not a hobby, so I don’t bother him too often. And nothing blog-related as he thinks I’m a bit barking.

    The bed is extremely sturdy and they are only little – when they’re old enough to do any damage, they will also be too tall to do it as the room is only 7′ high – I can’t stand on the bed myself without bending over and I’m titchy!

  5. The Boy

    Even with little people it must be quite sturdy framed. For a while we let the boys jump on their own beds until we noticed it was bending the frame underneath!

    Sounds like a lovely day though.

  6. Z

    We buy good and expect it to last. It’s 20 years old, actually, but it’s still vastly comfortable and doesn’t show any signs of wear. I suppose we must be light sleepers…


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