Still sliding, but remaining uncut for now

It was cold this morning.  I took the optimistic route, with lightweight trousers and sandals and went out to try the air.  When the Sage came in, merrily saying that he’d already put my bike in his van (two hours early, anyone would think he was looking forward to seeing me leave), I said that I wasn’t sure, it was jolly chilly for a nearly six-mile bike ride in quite such a fresh wind.  He said, with carefully disguised reluctance, that he’d run the quirks of driving his van past me and I could borrow it.

Later, I felt guilty about my laziness, so I went and changed into warmer trousers and boots, and fished out a woolly hat, scarf and gloves, and said that I’d bike after all.  Just then, the sun came out (honestly, I’m not making this up).

Of course, downhill all the way turned out to be anything but – for a flat-loving person, Suffolk undulates more than it needs to, but it’s notably easier for me to manage now that I’ve got some strength on my right side.  It was quite pleasant in fact, if you like cycling.  The road was very quiet – I only saw half a dozen cars and a tractor in four miles.  It was still windy, but the sun was warm enough to disregard that.

I stopped at a few shops in town for this and that.  After waiting to be served, I then found that, walking out of the shop, my left leg had a tendency to give way.  I’ve had that happen before, whenever I take much exercise, either cycling or walking, I’m fine as long as I keep going or if I sit down, but I can’t stand still for long.  I can stand, if I haven’t been taking exercise, and then walk with no problem.  I don’t know why this happens.  It’s the very top of my leg, not the knee or the hip.  I assume it’ll get better.  The operated side is absolutely fine.  It soon goes and isn’t worth fussing about, just noting.

My friend, whom I had lunch with, had her operation a month after mine – her second hip.  She’s also doing very well, though still using a stick because her surgeon advises it, but is hoping to be allowed to discard it after tomorrow, when she’s got her follow-up appointment.  Tomorrow,  I’ve got lunch in Norwich.  It’s all such a mad social whirl around here, darlings.

It’s also Wink’s birthday.  Happy birthday, sis!

8 comments on “Still sliding, but remaining uncut for now

  1. ephelba

    You know, that symptom is a sign of circulatory troubles. Not saying that’s what you’ve got, but it does mean that it wouldn’t be silly to call the Doctor and mention it….

  2. Z

    When I put my back out some years ago, I had to sleep on the floor. Hope that helps.

    So would I, Scarlet. I’m pretty creaky at the best of times.

    I don’t get it when I’ve been sitting or after a bit of a stroll and then standing still, only after walking a longish way or cycling. Do you think it’s really a problem? I think my doctor will give me a funny look if I go to him about nothing much.

  3. luckyzmom

    I think it is muscle adjustment, but I’m not a doctor. When I recently described to Dr P the same thing you mention, he reassured me it was muscles readjusting.


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