I’m the only person awake. Zerlina needed a nap but the bedroom where her cot is is a bit cold, so Weeza is cuddling her down here. A slumbering baby sent Weeza to sleep. The Sage is napping in the armchair. Tilly is snoring gently in another armchair.

Dave, you should come and join them. Sleep is almost impossible to resist.

6 comments on “Ssh

  1. Z

    Just so long as you relax, Dave. Dave?

    ssh, everyone, Dave’s dropped off. To sleep, not off the sofa.

    Tilly has her own sofa, but has rights over all other chairs.

  2. Z

    You’re right, soon we will be full of vigour.

    Thanks, Sandy, it faded away mid-afternoon and hasn’t come back.


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