Squiffany the gymnast

So Squiffany’s picture is in the paper.  That’s the Becc1es and Yagnub Journal and she’s in the Sports pages, which is the reason none of us spotted it yesterday.  I mean, how likely is it that any of us might read the Sports pages at all, let alone in the local rag?  Anyway, she was in a gymnastics competition (she’s only been doing gymnastics for a few weeks) and it has a picture of her with three other little girls – pretty as they are, they aren’t a patch on my lovely Squiffany – and we’re very proud.

In other news … it’s been a quiet day in Lake Wo… no, it’s been a quiet day at the Zedery.  The Sage and I have only seen each other in passing all week, although we spent yesterday evening together as it happened, but only because six people came for supper.  It’s a church thing I’m afraid, other ‘home groups’ discuss things or read the Bible, we eat and drink.  I cooked the pork dish that some of you might remember from the blog party – a sort of sub-goulash – and other guests brought wine and puddings.  If I hadn’t bought broad beans and peas from Tim and decided to cook pommes boulangère, all would have been easy, but as it was the Sage and I were frantically podding up to ten minutes before the guests arrived.

Anyway, today I was all ready and waiting to catch up on topical matters with my husband, but sadly he was out most of the day.  He didn’t really have a lot to do, but he’s the sociable member of the family.  And at dinner time (fish pie) I went into the dining room to lay the table and found an open case with knives and forks in it.  I enquired.  He owned to having bought them today.  I looked – and I approved, darlings, I had no choice.  They are lovely, little dessert knives and forks dated 1807, we don’t need them in the least and if I’d seen them I’d have looked, admired and passed on, but the Sage is a buyer and that’s all there is to it.  I have to be glad that he told me straight away – if he’d thought I wouldn’t like them, he’d probably have squirrelled them away for a few weeks.

6 comments on “Squiffany the gymnast

  1. Tim

    Type ‘becc’ into Google and it takes you straight to the Journal. Is that amazing? (Couldn’t find the Squifpic though.)

  2. Z

    If that were taken out of context it might give quite the wrong impression. Or possibly the right one, of course.

  3. martina

    If you google the article and search gymnastics,the article does have a photo of the team. Yeah Squiff!
    The dessert set sounds lovely and like a real find.


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