Springy thoughts continue unabated. Huzzah!

A week or so ago, I had occasion to alter the alarm clock and I changed the hours back but not the minutes, which means it presently goes off (that is, the radio comes on) 15 minutes later than it did. Of course, the Sage and/or I generally wake up at the earlier time, even though the radio often didn’t wake us for a while in the past. Anyway, this morning, the Sage got up and I fell asleep again just before the radio came on and woke up after it had gone off again an hour later. So I hope there hasn’t been any news that everyone (but Everyone) is talking about, because I haven’t heard it.

I went off to Norwich to have coffee with the other people who are going on the visit to Bologna in April. This was a very pleasant hour, but I’m a bit startled to have apparently agreed to book opera tickets online for about 8 of us. I offered for one person who doesn’t have a computer and was overheard by another and the next thing was there was an orderly queue. Booking doesn’t open until a month before, so I’ll have to do an alarm thingy or else I’ll forget all about it.

As we were saying ‘goodbye’ to each other, two people said they were going to the Castle Museum to see a sculpture exhibition – Hepworth, Moore and Nicholson, mostly. Being rather keen on this sort of thing (and having visited both Moore’s and Hepworth’s gardens, where there are permanent exhibitions of their works, in the last couple of years) I said I must be sure of going to it, so they suggested I join them. And so I did, which was an unexpected little treat. We had lunch afterwards – an excellent home-made quiche and salad for £3.50 and a tumbler of orange juice for 80p which I thought was good value.
Then I went and bought a postcard for Martina in Seattle (xx, Martina) and a jigsaw for Ro, who likes them, as do I, and as I still had a bit of time in hand on the car park, I went to a discount bookshop and bought several books for me and the children, which is all splendid.

So, when the Sage got a phone call from a friend and asked me, afterwards, how far it is to Falmouth in Cornwall (over 400 miles I’m afraid) I was all cheerful and made helpful suggestions, such as couldn’t they meet halfway (which is just about where my sister lives) and how about he posts a few of the items from the collection of antiques the Sage is interested in buying, so that he can evaluate them? So he is going to ring back after the rugby. The friend is watching the rugby, not us. I didn’t know there was a match on this afternoon. I know Norwich is playing at home though. I drove up Carrow Road just after 2 o’clock and all these cheerily hopeful Canary-watchers in their green and yellow scarves and shirts were converging on the football ground. I don’t know who they are playing (actually, it’s quarter to five now and the match must be just finishing) as I didn’t see anyone wearing a different colour. I spotted two people I know, a father and his 16-year-old daughter. I may see them tomorrow in church (yes, she and her sister are teenagers who choose to come with their parents to church and look remarkably happy about it) so I’ll have to find out the result, to know whether to mention it or not.

Ro (who is v pleased with his jigsaw and gave me a hug) has had an appeal for money from his university. “I only joined their alumni thing because the keyring was quite nice”, he said. “I bet Zain will give, though, he’s remarkably generous.”

I put that in in case Zain is reading. Hi, Z.

10 comments on “Springy thoughts continue unabated. Huzzah!

  1. martina

    What a great day you had Z, good conversation, cultural field trip and lunch. A postcard on its’ way here? Thank you!!!

  2. Z

    Of course, it meant I still haven’t done the paperwork that’s been hanging over me all week, so I must do that this afternoon.

    I’ll make a note in my diary too, but I think that I’ll put it on the computer because there’s more detail than I can fit in my diary.

  3. Z

    It’s the last Sunday in March – unfortunately there are 5 Sundays in March this year, so it’ll be in the small hours of the 29th. Roll on Scottish independence.

  4. Dave

    Just a minute. Have you got our permission to take a trip to Bologna in April? I trust you’ll find internet cafes to keep us up-to-date with your goings-on.

  5. Z

    We said May, Dave. Check back to August 26th if you doubt me. I’m a bit busy in April as there’s Easter, my sister is coming to stay and we’ve got our auction after that. If May isn’t good for you, I’ve got the week starting 30th March fairly free at present.


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