Springing up again

Thank you for your comments on yesterday’s post, and particular thanks to Chris for sending the Spring – it’s been a beautiful day today – and to Rog for his sound sense.  I usually listen to podcasts when I’ve missed something, I’ve not got into the way of subscribing, but it’s the obvious thing to do now that there’s nothing to listen to at the time I want to turn on the radio.  I have acted on the suggestion and now have a nice little array of programmes on the phone ready to entertain me.  In fact, I’ve heard some of them already today.

My car’s battery was flat again yesterday and the Sage gave me a lift.  Today, it has a new battery.  And we’ve reattached the bicycle brake – a cable had come apart.  I’ve phoned and paid for my car insurance, and told the man on the end of the phone (who answered at once, there wasn’t even time for the announcement to say that my call would be taken shortly) that I was pleased with the reasonable quote and hadn’t looked any further.  The excess has gone up, but I’ve never actually had a claim and, although it can happen at any time of course, I’d probably rather have a lower premium rather than a lower excess that I may never use.  Um, and I’ve made an appointment at the bank to put the vast (modest) sums of money that have accrued in my current account somewhere.  I’ve defrosted a fridge.  I’ve filled in a form that’s been glaring malevolently at me for the last few days and I signed a letter to go out to school parents on Monday.  I didn’t write it on this occasion, though.  So I’ve got the day-to-day admin out of the way before the weekend.  Jolly good.

The other thing that I just remembered was that there were new levels due out this evening on iAssociate and I’ve just downloaded them.  So that will entertain me for the rest of the evening.

9 comments on “Springing up again

  1. Roses

    As always you impress me.

    Filling out forms is my least favourite occupation and I procrastinate until the nth hour.

    Good to know Rog is more than a good pun guy, with his sensible suggestion about pod casts.

  2. Christopher

    More than happy to oblige. Any time. Any thing else I can do for you? Gentle zephyrs? O wild west wind? Cool gales fanning the glade? You’ve only to say.

  3. sablonneuse

    Lots of interesting posts to catch up on. You lead a much busier life than i do and yet I can’t even find time for a daily read, let alone a daily ‘write’.
    I gather you’re not ‘for’ Academy status then. I suppose ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ comes to mind.
    Hope the computer is behaving. It’s amazing how much we rely on them nowadays. The local chemist was completely lost when hers went down last week. She couldn’t issue any prescriptions!

  4. Z

    ‘Sound sense’ was one of those happy accidents, written first and then the apposite pun observed.

    The sunshine only lasted for a day, Chris, but it had its effect of making the birds sing and my mood lighten. And the daffodils on the drive are out. I’m not sure about the gales, but a zephyr might be welcome, as it’s one of the blog names I’m considering for one of the expected grandbabies. Or possibly an actual name for a dog, if Huck doesn’t suit it.

  5. Z

    I’m absolutely in favour of Academy status, both with head and heart, Sandy.

    At least we have two computers and an iPhone – and will have an iPad before too long – all we need is the internet!

  6. martina

    I noticed many more birds singing while I was outside yesterday morning. Made me feel like that scene in Snow White where she has birds chirping and flying around her. This has been some winter, really looking forward to spring.

  7. Z

    Hello Ros, glad to hear from you. You’re one of my real friends, although we’ve not yet met. I have my settings for everyone to be able to comment, so I’m sorry you’ve had problems.

    We had a startlingly early beginning to the winter, but no snow since Christmas, Martina. I hope we don’t get another cold snap, we’re all ready for spring now.


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