Spoilsports in NZ

I’m on my way to bed, but I just have to share this with you. Particularly with the Boy, who affirmed his intention to get up to just this sort of escapade (although, of course, with his wife because he is not that sort of boy) a few decades from now.

6 comments on “Spoilsports in NZ

  1. Wendz

    I managed to read that entire article by squinting. What a hoot! Especially the orderly saying it was the scariest thing he’s even seen.

    Well I guess we never lose that urge but heavens! At 90? Whoo.

  2. Z

    I clicked to enlarge, Wendz. I think some of the men would have appreciated the ability to do that. They weren’t Grumpy Old Men and Women, for sure – not until they were kicked out of their retirement home, any way.


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