Spoil the child?

While with Weeza the other day, we were talking about what her children like to eat.  To put it in context, I’d said that it’s a good job that Gus isn’t at all fussy and enjoys his meals, because he’s a naturally skinny little boy and has been ill a couple of times recently and if he didn’t eat properly then he could become too thin.  Weeza mentioned that they were having fish pie for supper and that was a particular favourite of Zerlina’s.

Their childminder makes it too, sometimes.  However, a week or two ago, z was disappointed when she was given her helping and found that it was missing a vital ingredient.  “There aren’t many ways in which you spoil your daughter,” Weeza was told.  “But you do put prawns in your fish pie!”

There’s a little boy whose parents take him on holiday several times a year.  He seems to have been everywhere, that four-year-old, skiing, on safari, across the Atlantic – but his mum and dad don’t put prawns in his fish pie.

11 comments on “Spoil the child?

  1. Z

    Well, I know what you chaps are like!

    Subject to a hefty fine and several points on her licence, I believe, John. I’m still having to rescue you from the spam folder. Whatever have you done to upset Blogger?

  2. Mike and Ann

    Ann spoils me by not only putting prawns in the fish pies she makes, but also by putting capers in the fish pies, which gives them a certain piquancy, not to say PZAZZZZ.

  3. Compostwoman

    Compostman makes me Fish Pie – prawns, smoked salmon, white fish, capers, leeks and cheese sauce . With cheesy mash on top. mmm

    Which is ( one of the many reasons)
    why we have been married for 27 years!

    Fish Pie needs to have prawns in it.

  4. 63mago

    I’m very sorry to admit it … but you know I live on the continent, seas (or oceans respectively) are far away. Fish – with the exception of the Karpfen on Good Friday / Karfreitag or a Forelle sometimes – sea fish does not form a traditional part of the local diet. Things changed I know, I even saw a Garnele once, but fishpie is truely exotic around here, be it with prawns or without. I hope none of the kids is spoiled in any way, prawning or not.

  5. martina

    Never heard of fish pie, tuna noodle casserole yes, but fish pie- never. Care to post your recipes?

  6. Liz

    I’ve got a lovely receipe for a smoked fish pie that has leeks and baby corn (and possibly courgettes as well) in it as well as prawns and smoked haddock and has a topping of swede and potato mash. Sir Bruin isn’t fond of prawns, but he will eat them if they are in my fish pie.

  7. Z

    You’re right, Ro, and thanks for the link. And thank you all for your enthusiasm!

    Martina, I am surprised that a seaside state doesn’t have fish pie – especially if your casserole uses tinned tuna? I don’t really use a recipe, I make it up as I go along, but I’ll see what I can do.

    Mago, fair enough, you are a very long way from the sea. My children have quite high standards of behaviour and probably spoil their children less than I did mine!


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