Sort of valediction

The chicks are growing up fast, they are already showing feathers on their wings and starting to flap them, though they’re yellow fluff everywhere else.  I’ve got water for them in a little dish – a ramekin, in fact, with some stones in so that, if one climbs in, it won’t get waterlogged.  This is what Russell used to provide, so I’m doing it too.  I change the water about four times a day – they seem to get bits of food in it or else it’s drunk altogether, very quickly.

Today’s meeting went very well and the Head made an embarrassing little speech, saying very nice things about me, and I made one back saying how much I’d enjoyed it, and I was given flowers and we all ate rather a lot before the meeting.  It’s not that they’re getting rid of me yet, I’m staying on an extra year … and they’ll be disconcerted when I take the chair at the beginning of the next meeting – I have to, until the new Chairman is elected, which will take about five minutes.  I’ve talked to him, he’s happy to take over for the rest of the meeting.

I turned the Aga off last night and only today realised that I’d forgotten that I was going to make a cake for Tim.  I’ve made brownies instead.  I hope he likes brownies.  If not, I’ll have to find someone to give them to, because there are too many for me to eat.

I’ve bought cat litter but not a tray yet, I’ll do that in the morning as I leave.  I’ll check what food Zig gives the cat, she will give me enough for a few days.

Here, young Stevo is mostly painting the outbuildings with the equivalent of creosote.  It looks like it and smells like it, but creosote itself is banned now.  They haven’t been done for years and are starting to look much better.  He’s done the black cowshed and started on the big barn next to it.  I paid him for today’s work and have given him money for six more hours, if he does more than that while I’m away, he will tell me.

Always more things cropping up – I’ve had a letter from the surveyor employed by the new owner of the pub next to my London flats.  They want to do some structural work on the party wall – much needed, I’m in favour in principle, but I need to speak to my insurance company and get their okay before I agree.  It may well need a full surveyor’s report.  They will be liable if there’s any damage, but I’ve got tenants to think about.  Also, the letter said a diagram was enclosed, but it isn’t.  So I need to ask for that.  I’ll phone from Zig’s tomorrow, or possibly Friday if I’m too busy when I arrive.  None of this is the sort of thing I’m very confident about doing, but there’s no reason to worry about it, it’s a matter of common sense and making sure I’m not doing anything unwise.

I didn’t put on the immersion heater, so I wonder if I’ll have water for a bath tonight, without the Aga.  I’ll go and feel the tank.

I often wish for a simpler life.  But maybe I’d be bored?


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