Sooty and Sweep

I know that there’s not a blogger in the world who doesn’t, or at any rate hasn’t read Dooce. And I wonder all the more why Tilly wore a hole in the carpet in one corner a couple of years ago, when there really was nothing there. When she stared at a cupboard, we cleared it out until a mouse ran out, which Tilly managed to miss. No, I don’t know where it went. But the innocent corner? … anyway, we don’t ignore our dog when she’s trying to tell us something, but it’s never likely to be a raccoon living in our chimney.

9 comments on “Sooty and Sweep

  1. Three Legged Cat

    Thanks Z, I hadn’t read that one, very funny. But it will make my attempts at catching the very small mice that hide in our fireplace (after our dozy cat brings them inside and then lets them go) seem very dull by comparison.

  2. Z

    Dooce is still worth reading, after all these years. I don’t blame her for rarely switching on comments, however, for most of them usually say nothing more useful than ‘AWESOME’ and there are always hundreds of them. On this occasion, it was the pictures I loved, but I enjoy her writing too.

  3. Blue Witch

    Damn. I thought I was the only one who didn’t wouldn’t and won’t ever. Because blogigng ain’t, and shouldn’t be, about making money. IMHO of course.

  4. Z

    BW, Dooce writes a personal blog, professionally and is quite upfront that this is the way she earns her living. She does it very well, and rather better than some people who, less professionally, constantly push themselves or the products they are being sponsored to advertise – but then she’s successful enough not to need to. I don’t mind if my blogging friends use Google or other ads to earn a bit extra, though I don’t wish to myself – we’re all free to choose, aren’t we?

  5. Honey

    enjoyed her blog, yup my first time too but I was a little disconcerted by lack of comments. I guess I love to read the comments and then the extra bits the author writes in the comments even if I don’t always comment myself. but of coure it’s her blog and she writes as she pleases, i did enjoy the writing.

  6. Z

    There are comments on that post, Honey, though she doesn’t often turn them on, probably because there are just so many when she does – I’ve just looked and there are 530 on that post, and I bet most of them say much the same thing.

    I agree with you about comments – I particularly enjoy it when commenters start up their own conversation between themselves – vastly entertaining.


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