Sodding Blogger

Not too long ago, I complained that I didn’t receive notification of any comments. I dealt with it by logging on to Blogger by Firefox instead of Safari and putting in my gmail address instead of hotmail. Since then, it has been all right, except that I’m not that enamoured of the gmail inbox. So, today, using Firefox, I put in my hotmail address, which I nearly always use. It didn’t sodding work, I’ve just found a comment that has patiently waited for approval for sod knows how long because I didn’t get an email. I don’t use word verification because I have to type in the sodding wv myself and I do it wrong as often as not, sometimes several times, and I haven’t even the excuse of being dyslexic – I think it is discriminatory to put in random letters that can easily be misread.

Please excuse multiple uses of ‘sodding’ but it could have been worse, after all. This is not today’s post, this is a mere rant and will be followed by a proper post quam celerrime (if that’s how you spell it, it’s been a long time since 6th form Latin)

8 comments on “Sodding Blogger

  1. Z

    Arma virumque cano

    Occupet extremum scabies


    (my favourite, as it includes the Subjunctive)

    Quis custodes ipsos custodiet?

    True, I am not so bothered as to change to someone who wants Ready Money

  2. Z

    quam celerrime (and I still haven’t looked up the spelling) means ‘as quickly as possible’.

    Carpe Blogger is a good one too.

  3. laurel

    not a blogger, so I’ve never had this particular frustration, but let me show my support…. sodding Blogger!!


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