Snowdrops, aconites and irises

Nothing out-of-season blooming that I can see, but it’s such a delight to have the first flowers of the year in the garden.

You can click on them to enlarge – that little iris is a gorgeous colour.

Another lovely little iris.

8 comments on “Snowdrops, aconites and irises

  1. The Boy

    You’re ahead of us methinks, but we’re at the top of a hill, and always a couple degrees behind. Our snowdrops are out, but not the iris yet. Don’t have any aconites, they look like they’re in some nice deep tree mulch?

  2. Z

    We’ve had the snowdrops and aconites for a week or two but I only noticed the iris yesterday. The aconites are in a small patch with a couple of trees and rough grass underneath, but the chickens have no grass left in their run and keep flying out to have a peck-about in the garden. We’ve fenced in another area of grass and will move them tomorrow evening.

  3. hey bartender

    Oh, the envy. I can’t even imagine flowers here this week. Though with the way the weather changes, I wouldn’t be surprised to see tomatoes sprouting up this month. At Jamie’s, of course.


  4. dharmabum

    never seen those flowers – thanks for sharing the pics…

    the names – are they in order of the pics? the white one has obviously gotta be snowdrop.

    can’t stop wondering staring in awe, at the beauty and summetry in nature…

  5. Z

    Julie, these are the flowers we always look for first, particularly the snowdrops and aconites, which grow wild.
    It’s so mild, I’m tempted to get out sowing veg seeds, but who knows what’s to come? I’m going to make a start in the greenhouse any day, though.

    Dharabum – yes, they are in the order mentioned. They are flowers that will take any amount of cold and will flower even if it is snowing. The snowdrop and aconite are native British bulbs and grow wild as well as cultivated. The miniature species iris, I planted.
    They are all very low growing – in fact, for the snowdrop, I knelt down and held the camera at foot level!

  6. Z

    Thanks, Pat – I like taking flower pictures, they don’t move like people and animals do! I think any credit must go to the camera, though.

    That’s Pugsley’s eye, Wendz, as you probably realise. I know, just to cuddle a baby and inhale…


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