Last weekend I harvested pumpkins, squashes and suchlike. These are most of them.

Including the sax

They have been digging up the pavement in the middle of town for weeks. I wouldn’t be too happy if it was my shop right next to them while they are cutting up the concrete.

It is rare, in this country – or in this part of it anyway – for jerusalem artichokes to flower. Not spectacular flowers, but rather appealing, 10 feet above the ground. Or 3 metres if you prefer.

10 comments on “Snapping

  1. Anonymous

    And just what the heck are you going to do with all those pumpkins, may I ask?

    You certainly won’t go hungry!

    Spectacular collection, just amazing…and I am so moved by the sax that I thought I’d play a little song for you…

    Have a lovely weekend Z!

  2. Z

    Thanks for the touch of Louis, Wendz.

    The stack of pumpkins is reducing daily. We’ve eaten a couple, but Al has claimed a good many more for the shop. He’s told me to go and grab as many as I need for myself before he sells them all.

    Next year I’ll grow a few extra varieties if I can find room for them. They are so impressive to look at and delicious too. The monster varieties are fine for Hallowe’en, but don’t have much flavour so I don’t grow them.

  3. e

    I’m sorry, and I’m sure they taste delicious, but your pile of squashes actually looks like a DT hallucination. I think it’s the snake-like ones that are freaking me out.

  4. Z

    Hello e, yes they are rather awful aren’t they. The strangely speckled yellow, green and white ones look peculiar too, and so do the blue ones – food isn’t meant to be that colour. And all writhing in a heap – they look as if they have moved there themselves, like triffids.

    You’re not in this hallucination alone.

  5. Blue Witch

    Not just our JAs that have flowered for the first time this year then! I was beginning to doubt myself, and wondering whether they always flowered and I’d forgotten, thanks for the reassurance!

  6. Z

    They have only flowered for me once before that I remember, and that was at least 25 years ago. I didn’t grow them until 30 years ago, I suppose it would be possible to look up weather records for the late 70s/early 80s and see a similarity. But I don’t expect I will…..


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