Slow learners

I have to admit, I’d not really been won over by Edweena up to now.  She was not the friendliest of tortoises and widdled and pooped over my friends and my carpets.  But Russell has worked magic on her in the last fortnight and she is delightful now.  She’s full of energy, doesn’t pull her head in to her shell when I touch her nor even when I pick her up, and trundled happily over the back bedroom, to the delight of Al, Dilly, Pugsley and Hay.

The baby tots have grown, I’m sure and are also very good natured and a pleasure to be with.  Pugsley held one of them for a long time and clearly was quite smitten.  The other tot, having been put back after a cuddle with Hay – well, let’s say that he was better behaved than Edweena last year, because he did wait until he’d (or she’d, I don’t know) been put back before the evacuation of the bowels.  I had paper towel for that very purpose and had already cleared up after Edweena (in her run, not the carpet).  It was dark green (not the carpet, though that is green, as it happens).  “I wonder if it smells?” asked someone.  Hay declared himself up for a sniff (the lad has every excuse, he’s not three years old yet.  The rest of us should have known better).  “Poo!” he said.  I had a sniff.  “Poo!” I said.  Dilly had to see if we were right.  Yes, “Poo!”  And so did Pugsley – of course, “Poo!”  Only Al had more sense.  “Um, you learn something new every day, don’t you?” said Dilly.

Hay and I are looking forward to our next morning together, on Monday.  We’re planning to sow seeds in the greenhouse and bake cakes.  And possibly play with tortoises.


3 comments on “Slow learners

  1. Z Post author

    I know, don’t they just, Liz! It’ll be lovely.

    You’re entering the realms of fantasy here, John darling xx


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