Sliding a little more than is comfortable

Things are piling up a bit. I may have to write a to-do list.

I don’t like doing that, it makes me anxious to see written down all the jobs that must be done. Of course I do the usual tricks, like putting something really easy at the top (though I don’t go quite as far as ‘write to-do list’) so that it can be ticked off at once. But I’m likely to start forgetting things and so the delicate balance between despondency at array of jobs and reassurance that I know what I have to do is about to tip.

This is the 4th year of my 5-year plan to come off all committees. Unfortunately it’s still a 5-year plan as I’ve not come off any and have added one. I will leave a committee this summer however, after a disconcertingly lengthy 18 years (how can one stick at anything except possibly marriage and parenting for 18 years?) and maybe that will stiffen my resolve.

Chatting online to a friend this afternoon, he suddenly said ‘have you time for a coffee?’ – and I had. Maybe, though I hadn’t said anything, he detected a slight downness from my usual cheery demeanour. Good to see him anyway, hadn’t for weeks and it brightened our day.

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