I looked up the post I wrote the last time I went to see the surgeon, in March of last year.  Here it is.  Recently, when deciding to go and see him again, I worked out a score for myself and it was certainly in the teens – my appointment was today, I’ve scored 16 out of 21 and I need a new hip.  And, frabjous day, it’s high enough to be eligible for an NHS operation, he’ll write to my doctor and so will I, to ask for a referral, it’ll probably be done in January, which will suit me mightily and it should be in the private hospital I went to last time.  As Weeza said when I told her, Buy One Get One Free.

We paid last time because I was in such a state about needing a new hip, I felt the need to take control as much as I could.  Which was absurd really, but no matter.

In celebration, I’m going to buy a new phone.  My present one is an iPhone 5S.  Anyone got any comparisons/recommendations between the 6SE, the 6S and the 7?  Certainly another iPhone, no point in starting to recommend anything else.  I don’t want the large screen ones, not with my dainty girly hands (which is why the SE is a possibility) but otherwise, is the 7 – notwithstanding the loss of the earphone jack, when I need it and will have to use the adaptor – sufficiently better to be worth it?  I don’t mind the money if it is and will probably buy outright.

If I’m 16 points now, I wonder what I was before my previous op.  19 or 20, I’m sure.  I could hardly have been worse, in retrospect.  I was in such a panic that I blanked the pain and disability.  I’m nowhere near that bad now though, when I told him that – apart from my wedding day, when I walked a good 250 yards in high heels and without a stick, which was down to sheer euphoria – I normally couldn’t manage more than a couple of hundred yards and sometimes use a stick in the house.  He said drily that he thought I might have said a mile or two.  I couldn’t possibly walk a mile, even with a stick.  I can barely make it to the pub!

Anyway, no need for sympathy, this is really good news.  When something is inevitable, might as well get it over with.

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  1. LẌ

    I loved my 4S until I drowned it in January. I got the 6S as a replacement and immediately hated it. The larger screen was nice enough, but the overall size of the phone made it awkward to hold, use, and fit into my shirt pocket.

    I recently traded in the 6S at the Apple store ($270 credit) and got the SE. I like it very much and can recommend it as it is small but has the 6S chip set. Another benefit is that any 5S cases you may have will work with the SE as well.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to follow up via e-mail.

    1. Z Post author

      Thank you LS, I’m rather inclined the same way – that is, there doesn’t seem to be an advantage over having the 6S over the 6SE, particularly as neither of us is interested in a larger phone. I think I need to go into the Apple Store and see whether I’m tempted by the 7, with its higher specs, albeit the unwanted larger screen and the lack of built in headphone jack. It does have longer battery life, which would be especially useful when I’m in hospital with only my phone for company. Tim is likely to get an SE when he wants to upgrade.


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