Saturday is meant to be like this

My daughter has come home for the weekend. Today has been spent in painting fences. This evening has been spent eating a Thai takeaway and drinking wine; 1 bottle shared between 3 and 1 bottle shared between 2. I participated in both bottles. Therefore I cannot write a coherent entry tonight.
So, cheerfully, do enjoy Sunday, and goodnight.

6 comments on “Saturday is meant to be like this

  1. Z

    The cook is, at least, Thai – I’ve not visited Thailand and so can’t give an opinion worth having. Indian restaurants in this country certainly serve nothing like the gorgeous food I’ve eaten over there.

  2. irreverentmama

    Ah. Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss, isn’t it? Having been neither to India nor Thailand, I can enjoy the Indian and Thai restaurants here, though they may well be pale imitations of the Real Thing, with perfect satisfaction. Mmmm…

  3. Z

    Very true, i’mama – my friend from Madras, who studied over here for 3 years, never found an ‘Indian’ restaurant she liked – she said they were all Bangladeshi and not authentic – but I was quite happy.
    But, as i normally cook all the meals every day, any food I haven’t had to prepare has plus points already – as long as it’s edible, it’s a treat.

  4. PI

    Painting fences always reminds me of Tom Sawyer. Lovely occupation – especially with one’s off spring – i haven’t got a daughter (ahhhhh!)
    My son 1 comes soon and I expect to be partaking likewise.
    Hope the week-end had been great. I have just looked at the sky in the garden and it was all blue.Incredible!

  5. Z

    Yes Pat, I thought of Tom Sawyer too while I was painting – wistfully. Smart boy.
    And I received this while I was sending a comment off to you. Spooky – I usually do this with Blue Witch!


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