Saturday celebrations, times two!!(!)

Tim is home with me again, having been home in Reading for the last few days.  And it’s his birthday tomorrow.  I’d bought him a pair of garden chairs and a table – we’d been talking about the front of the house, which is on the west side, and that it’s lovely to sit there in the evening but we don’t have a table that’s suitable, though we could take chairs.  And Tim said maybe we should look for the sort of chairs that are linked by a table between them.  And he wasn’t suggesting it for a present, but the thought came back to me when I was shopping.  So, since I had to put them in place (having spent some time putting them together), they’ve been given and used on this lovely summery evening.  I’ve got another present for tomorrow, of course, because he must have something to unwrap.

Now, the other thing is that it’s only a week tomorrow until the blog party.  If you’d like to come, you’re most welcome.  And if you’ve already told me you can, or can’t come, then no need to remind me as I’m sure I’ve got the list right, only say if things change.  Only one bedroom is booked and there are three more, if you would like to stay.  If you haven’t come before, I’ll send directions and if there are dietary dos and don’ts, let me know.

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