Oh dear.  Things seem to be awry at the moment – not here, but amongst friends.  A good friend, whom I’ve been on holiday with several times, is very ill with duodenal cancer – she’s had some time in remission, but this period ended before Christmas – Andy isn’t at all well, two other dear and elderly friends are in abruptly failing health and the grandson of another friend, a little boy of seven, is in hospital with pneumonia and pleurisy as a complication of a chest infection.  And one of the hairdressers at the salon I go to has just had to have her 8-month-old puppy put down as the result of an accident: he was hit by a car.  And an old blog friend has said that his marriage has ended, sadly but inevitably.

We’re fine, though I had a frustrated afternoon searching for an important piece of paper that I’d put in a safe place.  I know, fatal.  I have got it now though, finally.  I’ve got to use it now to do some writing, so I mustn’t be long here.  Admin problems are put into perspective by far more serious and distressing things happening around us.

To end on a more cheerful note, my hairdresser is expecting her first baby in June and is very happy about it.  She’s only planning to take eight weeks off, but it’s her own salon and the self-employed can’t let go the reins for long.

8 comments on “Sadness

  1. Mike and Ann

    It’s odd how we plod along for months with nothing much happening, then several things descend out of the blue around us all at once. Quite agree with what you say about being self employed too. Although I continue to be self employed now by choice, a few years ago I couldn’t afford to be poorly for long. Although it is an incentive to get better quickly.

  2. Roses

    Life really does keep a-kickin’

    I find at the moment, being self-employed is pretty damned good. If I’m ill, I can be ill without having to go back to work to fill out those damn self-certificate forms.

  3. Z

    Of course, when Al had his shop, if he was ill or wanted a holiday, Mum would be on hand to help out. That wouldn’t be the case with many jobs.

    I understood every word, whichever order they were in, BW. And yes, I’ve friends of all ages, up to 100+

    My money rolls in regardless, Roses, luckily. Just call me Rigsby…

  4. mig

    It is awful when so many thing seem to be going wrong with friends. And these disasters and tragedies always seem to come all at once, it almost makes me feel guilty when our lives are going well.

  5. janerowena

    The funeral of an acquaintance was held yesterday – he had a chest infection and then caught the sickness bug on top of it. The two combined were enough to finish him off – and at Christmas he was very well, so it was a bit of a shock. At choir last night several of the older members were missing, which was a bit worrying.


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