Indeed, I am a landlord (or landlady, but I don’t have the bosom for it).  Roses has moved in next door.  She claims to be going through a mid-life crisis, but we all know really that she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to live with me.  Who in their right mind would?

In other news. IMG_3386
That was yesterday. Here it is now –IMG_3388
It is being removed on Saturday and a new one brought, because we are starting to clear the big workshop.  This evening, because I had a little unhappy blip about what is still to be done, Roses reminded me that I’ve been talking about decluttering for years and begging Russell to deal with things, but he never really tried.  I suppose it was too big a job, the thought of it overwhelmed him.  We did make a start last year – or maybe it was the year before – and filled one skip, but then the attempt petered out.  I mustn’t lose momentum, I’m really anxious at the thought of this still dominating my life in years to come.  Thanks to darling Weeza, who is giving up her Saturdays to help me, we are making some headway already.


7 comments on “RigZby

  1. Rog

    We’ve got a toilet and wash basin on our driveway. Dream of having our own skip!

    Has the cottage got Roses climbing up the wall?

  2. Blue Witch

    Is that cuboid at the front left of the skip the fuel tank for an old car? It looks exactly like one I saw at an autojumble recently for £90…

    If there are any old car parts amidst the chaos, they have huge value.

    Good luck!

  3. johng1962

    Just after my Mother died, we hired a skip and my Father and assorted helpers filled it with useless crap the my Mother had hoarded in the loft!! Broken hoovers, tvs, toasters, all my school work, a multitude of suitcases full of junk!


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