The pleasure of not answering the phone, the caller ringing off as soon as the answerphone clicks on and then dialling 1471 and finding that the number was withheld, so it was clearly a cold caller, is immense.

Weeza was telling me this afternoon that the children have had such good school reports that they were bought Rewards – that is, they were allowed a sum of money each to browse online and choose presents.  Their maths scores were particularly good, it seems, and Zerlina’s maths proficiency is a year above her age and Gus’s is several months.  Since they both have late August birthdays, they’re doing well even to keep up.  We’ve always suspected that Gus will, like his father, become an engineer – not that we want to push the boy, of course, but even as a not-quite-walking year old child, he was seen holding a door handle and turning it repeatedly, while examining the latch and clearly trying to work out how moving one part had an effect on another.  He was spotted recently watching LT intently, when the electric slicer was in use.  He doesn’t say anything, doesn’t ask questions, but you can see that he’s working out the mechanism.

We’re looking forward to taking the two children on holiday again during the summer break.  We can’t make the same offer to Al and Dilly’s children, as we’d need another bedroom in the caravan if there were three children – they’re too big all to bunk up in one double bed – though it would be nice.  We haven’t managed to book a *proper* holiday for ourselves yet, we always seem to be too busy, but this will most certainly, absolutely happen.  Assuredly.


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  1. savannah

    Happy Holidays!! It seems as if I’m going to be the one traveling this year, off to Lalaland to see the krewe! xoxoxo

    (I love caller ID, but the MITM always answers the phone just so he can say, “No, no thanks, and don’t call again!”

    1. Z Post author

      Oh, that’ll be lovely. I’m so lucky, living near all my krewe.

      I’ve tried telling them not to phone again but it has no effect. I remember years ago, a friend of mine had some serious anxiety issues and one of the things she couldn’t do, as a result, was answer the phone – it was before caller ID – and she had to listen to the answerphone before being able to pick up. I understand how she felt now, it’s really been getting me down, silly as that sounds. All the horridness of (especially) the last year and a half, politically and socially is having an effect on my nerves and I’m taking care of myself 🙂


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