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We proof-read the catalogue very carefully, all three of us, before sending it off to the printers on Friday.  Today, we went through it again, against the original Excel draft, because we knew alterations had been made from that, and it’s that spreadsheet that Ro will use to upload the catalogue onto the website.  We found another two mistakes – one didn’t matter at all, it was just a decimal that should have been altered to a fraction on a measurement, but the other was a description of the provenance of a piece of china that had, somehow, been put against two different pieces.  Very relieved to have picked that one up.  It would have been quite a blunder to have that printed.  So Weeza has notified the printers and it’ll be corrected.

Otherwise, the main event of the morning was the Sage, unasked, doing the hoovering.  Honestly, he really is a treasure.  And he bought kippers for dinner, yum.  Real Lowestoft kippers.

He had, and deserved, a lovely time this evening while I was out at a meeting, buying stuff on eBay.  One item, he got for less than half what he’d bid – it was slightly mis-described and went for a lot more than the vendor probably expected, but a lot less than it should have.  He suspects that the underbidder is kicking himself.

There’s not a lot going on here at present to tell you about, I’m afraid.  It’s Squiffany’s birthday later this month and I haven’t been shopping at all yet.  I did ask her what she was hoping for (in a general sort of way, not asking what she wanted from us) and was discomfited when she replied “Barbie”.  That is where I draw the line, I’m afraid.   I may buy her a swing for the garden instead.

15 comments on “Proof of the reading

  1. Four Dinners

    Sage!!!! You wait until they ask!!!!

    The fact you would do it anyway is immaterial!!

    If you don’t make them ask you’ll be in the doghouse for not doing it!!!

    Good grief man!!!

    Good egg isn’t he?

  2. georgie

    What does Sage look for on eBay? Wonderful he bought kippers for dinner but definitely he deserves five gold stars for Hoovering!
    I agree a garden swing is much bettr than some overmarketed plastic doll for Squiffany’s birthday.

  3. Dandelion

    Barbie, that is very tricky. On the one hand, if you don’t get her one, someone else most probably will, sooner or later…On the other hand, if you do get her one, that would be like you endorsing what it stands for…I think you’re right to draw the line.

  4. Z

    No, 4D, there’s far more credit to him for doing it unasked. I didn’t expect him to do it at all. I only ask for help if I have to.

    The Sage mostly looks for vestas (matchsafes)

    I didn’t ever buy my own daughter dolls. I didn’t like dolls when I was a child as they were girly. And I read Biggles and adventure stories. Barbie’s a non-starter with me.

  5. Z

    I suppose you mean “I can sleep at 3.49 am”, Dave, since i was speaking in the present tense and you evidently were not. I wake up several times in the night and sometimes can’t sleep again afterwards for a couple of hours or so.

  6. sablonneuse

    Sage certainly is a treasure. My husband doesn’t often see what needs doing let alone do it.
    As for the doll business, I agree a garden swing sounds a much better present but once little girls start talking dolls at school it will be difficult to prevent her from having some. (Just hope the craze isn’t for Barbies!)

  7. Z

    Well, it isn’t his usual habit – he’s trying hard not to be as untidy as usual and he’s helping so much. I agree with 4D’s point, that I must appreciate what he does without expecting that to happen all the time and being critical if it doesn’t.

    Squiffany has plenty of dolls, including Barbies. She doesn’t really need another one from me – I can only be impressed by the marketing, that a whole new doll is desired rather than a new set of clothes, but it brings out the anti-materialistic side of me as well as a resistance to gender typecasting. But I’m a grumpy old thing.

  8. Roses

    The Sage continues to be held in high esteem for his continued caring for you. You’re a lucky woman, my dear.

    As for Barbie, I had several Barbies when I was growing up. My happiest moment was when my grandma bought me the horse. It still makes me smile.

    Ah, the Cat is demanding food. Must go worship her.



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