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Update on the eBay business – having sent a very stern letter (though still polite and factually precise of course) and quoting Rog’s views on the subject (thanks again, Rog), at the end of which I said this was my final word on the subject; that the sale was off, I received a phone call from the gentleman himself this morning. And by then, having thoroughly researched the subject by looking through a lot of sales catalogues, he agreed that I was right and that I was entitled to back out.

Of course, my next step would have been to complain formally to eBay – but as it is, all is fine and we had a friendly conversation with mutual assurances that we now agree that each feel that honour is satisfied.

Tonight, our friend Daphne, who I went to visit a few weekends ago in Kent, is here for a couple of nights. She used to live near here when she was a little girl and her parents and the Sage’s parents were friends, so the link between the families goes back over 55 years. The people who now live in her childhood home have built a chapel in the grounds – they are Russian Orthodox – and the official opening is tomorrow morning – it’s complete coincidence that she’s here at the same time, but they have invited her to the ceremonious service. It’ll take a couple of hours and there are few seats, so she’s going to arrive early in the hope of claiming one of the few.

Tomorrow, Al and Dilly are leaving early (5.30 and 6.45 respectively) so I need to babysit at an absurd hour of the morning. So I’m going to bed.

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  1. Z

    Weeza has bought most of Zerlina’s clothes second-hand from eBay. I don’t do much shopping anyway, but I’m happy to keep using it – the helpline was excellent and the vendor, in the end, was fine. Fortunate that we did already know of each other, so we were willing to accept that we are both actually honest!

    I did, Dave. Had you written that an hour before you did, I could have reassured you at once.


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