Presence, and Presents

What a charming week it’s been. I received a CD in the post from Stegbeetle – thank you so much Steg, a couple of albums at least will certainly be bought, following my introduction to some of your favourite bands. I’ll write and tell you what I think, once I’ve listened enough to let them embed in my mind, but I have certainly fallen for Evanescence (though slightly doubtful if I’ve spelled it right).

And today, I spent the morning in the shop. It was busy, too. Al spends at least an hour on his outside display, but when he’d finished he came and helped Sarah and me deal with all the customers. I was keeping an eye on the door, as I was expecting a Special Customer, but it wasn’t until lunchtime that the great Badgerdaddy walked in.

Such a pleasure to see him and he looked great. He’s always got a laid-back air, but you can see how happy he is with life nowadays. And, bless the dear man, he’d brought me CDs too. Wasn’t that lovely? Poor bugger had to stand patiently and be kissed, which he could probably have done without but which he took, manfully, on the chin (not literally, it was the left cheek. I mean in the boxing – I suppose – term sense).

I abandoned Al – who had greeted BD too, of course, as they knew each other before BD and I met through our blogs – and we went outside to chat. Gorgeous day, by the way, breezy but very sunny and warm.

Later, I went to the butchers. Mark served me. “Ooh, I’ve just seen young *Badgerdaddy*, I said. “You know, the chap who lived above the toyshop, you knew each other from the pub.” Yes, he remembered him. Later, when he was cutting me some cheese, he gave me a look. When I asked, he pretended to be flirting with me, but I wonder if he knows about the blog – BD’s former one, which caused a little local rumpus. You don’t read this one, do you Mark? Nah, you’d have said.

Thanks for calling, BD, it was lovely to see you. I’m glad things are going well and have a really good time in the pub tonight. Just make sure your back is always to the wall…

4 comments on “Presence, and Presents

  1. badgerdaddy

    No need to worry – the pub was very nice indeed, and it was great to see Warren and Mel, both of whom were on great form.

    I’ll explain what happened to the spinach on my own blog…


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