Portraits of a younger blogger

 Demure, tidy, the picture of a nice little girl.
 But this is nearer to the real Z.
 ’nuff said.
 And this is how I preferred to spend my time.
 We’d been married three months and this was our wedding reception, at the Yacht Club in Lowestoft.  I was pregnant here, but didn’t yet know it.
 Three years later – I was 22, my sister Wink was 28.  Also in the picture are her first husband, Weeza, the Sage and Al.
 And here I’m 30 and it’s the day after Ro was born.
 A year or so later.  Joepie (pron. Yoopi), my Dutch au pair when I was 6, and we remained friends with her and her sister (who had been our au pair a year earlier) for many years.
There really is nothing to say about this one.  Although it does show that I am not, and never have been, vain about my appearance.

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