Plenty of Zedrest

We both slept really well last night.  When I previously changed the bedclothes I was busy, so simply changed the bottom sheet and swapped duvet and pillows with the spare room bed, all being the same size and all.  I swapped again this time (having made the bed up in the meantime, obviously) and, evidently, that duvet is just a little bit thicker – so we were really warm and comfortable.  So this is the one to stay with for the winter.

The Sage went the Southern side of the M25 this trip – the problem can be the Dartford crossing, but he was okay today, and the south side of London turned out to be much less busy with fewer roadworks.  It was 3 miles longer (238 rather than 235) but took half an hour less.

Al and Dilly invited me in to dinner, I took a started and an unstarted bottle of wine, so we made merry.  I lit the fire before I went so there was a cheerful blaze to return to.  I’ve lit candles too, so as not to feel lonely.  When I’ve finished this, I’ll start on the DVDs – the too-loud music (not very loud actually, I care for my ears!) is on now.  The Hold Steady and J Roddy Walston.  Oh yes, Julie formerly from Athens leads me astray.  BTW, Julie, Ro has a ticket for Hold Steady in February when they’ll be in Norwich (thanks to me, I told him they were coming) – I asked him how long he’s been listening to them and it’s been longer than I have, and you put me on to them; evidently you and he would get on well musically.

So, today – no, not a lot to report.  I went supermarket shopping because I had a voucher (£7 off £60) so bought some wine as I didn’t need that much in groceries. Misty and dull, but mild.  Squiffany and Pugsley are staying with Dilly’s parents and were going to see the Christmas lights in Norwich this evening, they were very excited at the treat.  Squiff and Nanny were going to watch Strictly this evening.  I’ve never seen it.  More likely to watch I’m a Celebrity, actually.  Not that I am.  It’s still swearing and violence for me.  I mean, you only have to look at me.  It’s obvious.

11 comments on “Plenty of Zedrest

  1. Alienne

    I haven’t even had the telly on tonight; I have been rearranging and sorting out the junk in my bedroom. I do feel virtuous now though – so am playing on the internets while enjoying a glass of wine. I have candles too.

  2. Z

    Oh Alienne, you are good. I feel inadequate. Though I’m planning to do some sorting out this afternoon, it’s only of the washing I did yesterday!

    Marion, how can you say that? If you enjoy your own company, you must be a pleasure to be with.

  3. Z

    It was finally all cut up and removed while I was away. Since it had been dead for years there was no sap, so we’re using it now. Enough for a couple of years more, though.

  4. 63mago

    I think television is evil, spreading brain damage. When I see pictures of socalled German celebrities occasionally on the web or in a magazine I can not do other but wonder from what institution they escaped. Terribly arrogant I know, but bronzed tattoed bald muscle men in track suits with golden dangling bits make the word “pimp” flash through my head. RTL & Co. meanwhile reached a subterranean level especially in their afternoon entertainment shows that can only be called inhumane. The level of foul language is astounding.

  5. Roses

    I had the house to myself. Boy was taken off by his girlfriend to his surprise party. I was expecting guests for dinner, but I got my dates wrong.

    Instead, I assumed the position on my couch and watched murder and mayhem.

    I would only watch reality tv if I had a gun pressed to my Boy’s head.

  6. Z

    There’s a lot of rubbish and worse, Mago, I agree. I don’t watch much television, haven’t had it on today.

    I Hope Boy had a great party, Roses.


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