Picture of Zerlina! (and a paper bag)

Weeza has put up a fabulous picture on Ro’s site, which is join the newspaper bag project
if you’ve forgotten about it. Do go to the Gallery and look at the Flickr pictures – I think you might know which one it is. Ro hadn’t even asked them to make a bag because he thought they wouldn’t want to bother, with a 5 week old baby and all.

I’ve been busy on paperwork today, with more to do but the worst is done. I must spend a fair bit of tomorrow cooking, because I’ve promised to stock up Weeza and Phil’s freezer again.

I also need to think what I’m going to take to London, and I’m wondering if I can really work fast and spare Friday afternoon to go to the Goldsmiths’ Fair. I don’t know, there’s a lot to do, but it’s marvellous, really – do go along if you have time (and can get to the City of London, obv). There are loads of things to see and the prices are by no means outrageous. Everything is designed and made by the exhibitors – I can’t enthuse enough. It started today and next week there are a whole new lot of exhibitors. I really do want to go. It’s open until 7 in the evening, so if I can work hard on Thursday and Friday and finish for the day before 4, it would be possible. There’s only four rooms, how hard can it be? Oh, and the landing, hall and two staircases. Hm.

I’d better get back to work. Laters, dearests.

9 comments on “Picture of Zerlina! (and a paper bag)

  1. PI

    Comfy shoes? If you wear trousers you can wear really comfy shoes. I seem to have missed the baby – must go back. Thank God I’ve worked out how to use the greyed out arrows I now have in top left corner.

  2. Z

    It is rather an adorable picture, isn’t it? And yes, Pat, comfy shoes are the thing. I feel I should take something nice for the doo on Saturday, but maybe I’ll be forgiven for travelling light – though I already have to be forgiven for not having any garments remotely inspired by Scotland, for there is a Scottish theme, I don’t know why.

    Yes, Simon, can you be at Norwich station by 5.30 pm tomorrow? Or Liverpool St Station by 7.30? Islington at about 8 pm would be fine.

  3. Z

    Oh, and I’m leaving home before 9 tomorrow morning and have several hours work to do first, so if you hear nothing tomorrow it’ll be because I’ve had no time to write a post.


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