Petty pace

“tomorrow” wasn’t quite the thing, was it? Sorry. I get tired in the evenings, but blogging in the daytime seems a bit self-indulgent. Anyway, I promised you photos.

The old harbour, Weymouth

I was charmed that the harbour was much as I remembered it. Where we were standing, cars still parked at 90ยบ from the water’s edge, but there was a difference. Now, there are huge sleepers to stop them from rolling into the water. There’s also a kerb, which I’m sure wasn’t there before. Still, at least there aren’t railings. And it is very pretty. Wink reminded me that Mr Dyke’s guest house was called Harbour Lights and was on the road leading down here, but we didn’t investigate that because rain wasn’t far off and we were heading back to the car.

After a rain shower, there was another dry spell – because we’re lucky that way – and we were able to investigate the hotel. Tim was quite stunned as it came into view: he hadn’t expected anything so impressive. It is a wonderful building and, with all the bedrooms facing the front, it’s huge.

The swimming pool
The view of Weymouth beach

Wobbly because it was a panorama
The view from the road

It is spectacular and in a glorious position, yet it doesn’t make the most of it. There’s a funfair in front and nothing much in the grounds. We ventured indoors and I asked the nice young woman if we could get a drink. She looked worried. If we wanted tea or coffee, the machine was broken. So i came clean and explained that I’d been born here and would love to look around and she said we were welcome to. I can’t honestly say I remembered it, and the ballroom, which I remember stories of, was locked, so we didn’t stay very long.

When we walked down to the seafront that morning, we’d been looking for coffee and eventually found a place that promised ‘artisan’ this and that. The coffee was adequate if not excellent and a nice couple asked to share our table and we chatted for ten minutes or so. As we ambled towards the barbour, Tim’s shoelace came undone so we stopped at a bench for him to retie it. Another couple on holiday asked to sit with us; again, we chatted. Evidently, Weymouth attracts lovely friendly people and, when we went into a ship’s chandler’s shop, where I was hoping to buy a waterproof coat (but didn’t), the young woman greeted us as friends. So I retain warm memories of my birthplace.

3 comments on “Petty pace

  1. Mike and Ann.

    What a lovely town. We have been there (or rather past or through it). Have you ever been to Wisbech ? Your top picture reminds me verymuch of the North brink of the river Nene in Wisbech. Our youngest daughter Lizzie lived for a while at Weymouth and loved it. I can see why.

    1. Z Post author

      I’ve never visited Wisbech, Mike. It’s just the wrong distance, a bit far for a day out but not quite enough for a mini-break, as they call it. The countryside round Weymouth is lovely too and so is the coast.

  2. Z Post author

    Vagabonde, I think I had a comment from you, but it was in my email spam folder and somehow didn’t get here. It should have, so I deleted it from spam before checking. Sorry!

    Yes, my parents owned the hotel and we lived in a flat there. I’ve no idea whereabouts, though, I only know there was a roof terrace, so it must have been somewhere at the back.


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