People are so nice…

Particularly people in shops in Yagnub.  It just lifts the day, doesn’t it?

I got up late, quite deliberately.  I had been out and about early every day this week and Saturday is my day off.  I woke a few times in the night but finally slept soundly until 9.15 and then I just stayed there until I felt like moving.

I spent a couple of hours in the first greenhouse, which is nearly ready for use now, though I’ve got a lot of pots to sort out for storage.  If you could do with any pots and can call in, do please let me know.  I have thousands, literally.  It goes against every instinct in my frugal soul to chuck them out.

After lunch, which was a very good soup made from home grown butternut squash – I’m down to my last two now – I went off to the Co-op.  I had a money off voucher if I spent £50, which is only too easy.  I bought me no booze, though I did buy cider for Russell and dog food for Ben, as well as dishwasher powder, which took me a long way to the total…anyway, there was a bit of a queue, two people ahead of me at the check-out.  The first woman hadn’t spent quite enough for her voucher and vanished – the cashier smiled apologetically, and we weren’t held up long (the woman bought a Flake, so it wasn’t much – 60p or whatever, to save £6).

When it came to my turn, I fished out my voucher, my credit card and my Co-op card.  She scanned in the first and third and told me my revised bill.  “You’ve got some money on your card, do you want to use it?”  It turned out that I had £52 in credit (these were from points over the last couple of months) and my bill was £51.81…it turns out there is such a thing as a free lunch.

When I’d filled my car – oh, I do hate diesel!  I have to fish out one of their free plastic gloves every time because the wretched stuff always makes my hand smell otherwise – I went to pay, and the young man at the kiosk was friendly and chatty, but in a very nice way.  So we had our little chat and, as I left, I heard him say cheerily to the next customer “How can I help you today?” which made me giggle, since it was a petrol station.

They were both such friendly and helpful young people, it really did cheer me.  Made my day, really.

3 comments on “People are so nice…

  1. Z Post author

    I’m well aware that this makes me sound a frightfully old codger. I accept that diagnosis, with the proviso that I’m a cheery one.

  2. Blue Witch

    Co-op cards are meant to be nationally linked now… I wonder if mine now works like that? We don’t have a local one but I do use my card in areas that have them. Here’s hoping…

    I’ve found several pleasant and helpful young people in shops recently. So – I’ve crossed the line long before you!

  3. Z Post author

    Oh, I find that nearly all shop assistants are lovely. And I like young people very much – I wouldn’t have spent 25 years as a school governor otherwise.


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