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This year’s blog party is already exciting some interest, which is delightful – it’s genuinely open house and I love to have lots of people in the house, it enjoys parties.  This morning, a former blogger, Chairwoman of the Bored phoned to say that she plans to come, along with her daughter, best known to some of us as Katy Newton of Everything is Electric.  And this, reported on Facebook, has garnered several more guests.

Several people will want to stay over – I have two spare double beds and a single, plus a double blow-up bed.  After that, either someone sleeps on the sofa or, sharing a bedroom with another couple, on a sofa bed.  The bedrooms are big enough to fit whole crowds of sleepers, but I only have five of them.  So I’ve kept a bedroom for Zoe (ex Brussels) and her other half, one for Mig and Barney, though I don’t know if they can come yet as they won’t be able to confirm until April and Keith Smith hopes to come and I expect is wanting to stay.  Eddie-2-Sox and family say they’re coming and I had promised a room, but I suspect they will be in a tent after all, at this rate.  Dandelion also hopes to come, so does Alan – a sofa will be called into play, I suspect.  Then there’s Vicus Scurra too and his wife – I need to make a list.  We will sort things out, I’m sure, but some cosying up may be needed.  Another camp bed in the study, perhaps.

July 16th, darlings.  Looking forward to seeing lots of you.

17 comments on “Party guests

  1. Z Post author

    I’ve been writing everyone down – in fact, I’m already planning the menu. Air and a few veggies are being served to Vicus,

    I know of Mike’s blog but I’ve not read it and didn’t realise it was still current. I’ll check it out.

  2. Rog

    Sorry we have to duck out this year Z as we have made an appointment with a Viking Festival. It sounds like it will be a super vintage one too which is our loss. Hope to meet up with you and LT in the next few months anyway and best wishes for a soar away super summer of love!

      1. Tim

        Yes, we must. To make it easier, Rog, could you please forward a picture of your door so that I can buy suitable paint. Thank you.

  3. Liz

    Have Sir B and I let you know that we intend to be at the Blog Meet? We haven’t missed one yet! We would usually be on holiday around that time in July, but we are going a bit earlier this year. We will of course go home to our own beds as usual once we have eaten you out of house and home.

    1. Z Post author

      So glad you can come, Liz – I suspect an overnight stay might have to involve the Hodmedod, the way things seem to be going!


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