Parp parp

It was maybe not saying I was going to do it that made me do it.  I’ve been meaning to take up clarinet lessons again for years and I’ve always chickened out.  But finally, I got on and JFDI.  I did get the clarinet tuned and overhauled first, but I didn’t practise much, my friend and tutor got me warts and all.

I’m a determined little thing – I put things off for ages, but once I get on with them, I work hard and I’m pretty tenacious.  So it’ll be an hour of work every day from now on, whenever possible. Just a little while at a time to start off with, my lip will get sore and my lip muscles will flag after a few minutes.  But it will improve.

I’ve also started turning out my study.  The dog got shut in there quite some time ago and knocked a lot of stuff on the floor, and since then I’ve shoved papers and so on in there out of the way.  It’s unbelievably chaotic.  But again, now I’ve started, I’ll finish the job.  It’s quite remarkably boring and uninteresting, but at least most of the papers can be thrown away – or rather, they can be burnt, as they’re often more or less confidential.  Too windy for a bonfire today, so I’ve been burning them in the grate.  After a while, the fire nearly goes out.  Paper isn’t as burnable as you’d think.

And now I’m going to lounge around, read the paper, read a book and not much else.

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