Our Mutual Friends

The Sage and I were going to a funeral today, so contacted Mike and Ann to see if they would be in if we called in afterwards as they live in the same town.  It transpired that they were going there too and invited us to park at their house and go back with them afterwards for tea.

The funeral was a warm and affectionate send-off to a dear man, whom I didn’t know well (the Sage knew him and his wife much better) but I liked very much.  He used to come to our auction viewings and, whilst his wife looked at the china, he drew sketches of people, to their amusement and pleasure.  We will miss him.

And so, I have seen Mike’s shed, complete with forge and anvil.  And his cellar!  I’m really jealous of his cellar.  Thank you so much, Mike and Ann, for your hospitality and I hope we can return it soon.

The Sage and I had intended to go out for dinner last night, but it didn’t quite happen so we went tonight instead. This is a very rare occurrence.  We went to a local pub – not the one in the village, they don’t do evening meals, but in the next village across the marshes (not that we went that way, we drove instead).  

Only problem is, I’m always the designated driver nowadays.  Hmm.  I’m having my glass of wine now instead.

6 comments on “Our Mutual Friends

  1. Jane and Lance Hattatt

    Oh dear, funerals can be a little depressing so we are glad to know that this one passed off as well as generally can be expected. And dinner out is always a cheering experience.

    As we mentioned in our reply to your recent comment on our latest post, we have so much enjoyed reading about your childhood home and a way of life which has now, for the most part, gone for ever.

    We too, incidentally, remember the horse drawn milk floats – ours belonged to Brown and Harrison in Romsey.

  2. Z

    Thank you, Georgie.

    The Sage never has lots to drink, Rog, and I always do his bidding.

    The advantage of going for a pub meal is that it’s always quite sociable, Lance and Jane. We saw several friends to chat to before and after our meal. And thank you, I’ve enjoyed looking back, although I mainly avoid the pangs of nostalgia if I can.

  3. Mike and Ann

    We were both glad you came. Your presence lightened a day that might otherwise have been a bit grim. We saw Maggie at Cafe Church this morning; she came over and sat with us – she still seems to be coping remarkably well. As Russell said, she doesn’t change.


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