One sleepy Z

I’m wondering about my state of mind.  I’ve been listening relentlessly to The Mountain Goats for the last few days, specifically to The Sunset Tree and Get Lonely, which are about the most relentlessly gloomy albums I own.  I can’t think of anything going on in the dark recesses, I must get out something jolly and change the pace.

The Sage had a phone call from the buyer of the bottle’n’bowl combo, a cheque will be on its way tomorrow.  The sale results are up on the website now, although since then some more unsold pieces have had successful offers – it’s normal for about 20% of lots not to reach their reserves, but I think we may be down to about 3 out of 84 unsold by the end.

Year 9 music today, we were working on Katy Perry and Pachelbel.  I go to help with the trickier classes – they are fine, just a few kids whose concentration isn’t all that – and the teacher was bemoaning the fact that I don’t see all the level of concentration achieved in the other classes.  She really is good and gets a lot from them, but she expects a fair bit of self-reliance as the year goes on and some of them find that hard.  I’m still absurdly inept, but I’m bound to crack it one day.  Am I not?

Oh.  Reality stares me down.  Well, put it this way – I am free of charge.

I’ve had a text from Zig, who thanks you again for the cheering messages left on her blog, which are really encouraging her.   And indeed, you are lovely.  If I needed kind words, this is where I’d turn.

Oh look – Hoagy Carmichael.  He fits the bill all right.

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  1. Imperatrix

    Pachelbel and Katy Perry? Now that’s an interesting combination!. I used to brush off Perry as one of those typical pop artists, until Firework came out. I’m sure it’s sappy and all, but it resonates and it’s a message I wish all young people would hear and believe.

  2. Jane and Lance Hattatt

    Hello Z:
    As we do not know the albums it is somewhat difficult to comment in any meaningful way beyond saying that perhaps you could try listening to something a little more cheery!!

    Good news on the sale items.

    Jó hétvégét.

  3. Mike and Ann

    I’m with you J.and L. When I need cheering I usually listen to some G. and S. usually with the score in front of me so I can ‘hear’ the words. Or Flanders and Swan. ‘Have some madeira, M’ Dear’, with a glass or so of madeira.

  4. Z

    I had to look for it, Rog. My resistance is low? I had no idea he wrote it

    You’re quite right, Jane and Lance, and that is what I am doing now. I’m taking Mike’s advice and listening to Flanders and Swann. Having been a bit further down memory lane than young Roses, in the company of von LX.

  5. Liz

    I was ruminating earlier in what may (or may not) become a future blog post, about why I don’t listen to the radio much anymore. There are lots of reasons, but my already large collection of music (mostly from the 80s and 90s) doesn’t get played nearly often enough so maybe I just don’t have room in my life for much new music at the moment.

    Sometimes you just can’t beat old familiar songs.

  6. Bilbo

    Stardust – one of my favourites. Sung by Nat King Cole I would insist.
    One of Dad’s too which is where I ‘got’ it from, which is why I picked it for his funeral.
    Came across my music teacher once playing it on the Grand in the hall, I must get the sheet music.

    Haven’t listened to Katy Perry, but I am hooked on Melody Gardot, Sade and Stevie Ray Vaughan (Little Wing/Vodoo chile especially), Canteloube’s Chant’s d’Auvergne or An American in Paris…
    Sorry for going on but I’ve been going through my mp3s organizing stuff and my head’s full of music.
    Internet radio is where I find most new music –
    iOs apps like SoundHound, TuneIn Radio and of course the wonderful Spotify. Windows Media Player and iTunes are good too – not to mention podcasts.
    Too much to hear/read/do and not enough time.

    On another subject I received my Alupen for iPad writing/drawing and it’s better than I hoped. Nice little box too which makes a change from a bag.

  7. Z

    Hoagy Carmichael wrote some gorgeous songs, didn’t he? I’m going through versions by different singers now – only had Nat King Cole and Hoagy’s own recording.

    I’m not particularly good at looking out for new music, which is why I tend to rely on Ro occasionally recommending it. And I pick things up from you lot too – thanks. As you say, Bilbo, music apps are invaluable.

    I haven’t got around to ordering the Alupen yet, thanks for reminding me. I’ll do it now.

  8. Tim

    Oh, this is so annoying, I can’t seem to put links into comments. Anyway, my best Stardust is Billy Ward & The Dominoes. It’s on Spotify. But that’s just me harping back to 1960!


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