Once, twice, three times a Granny

and how I love them all.

Her name is Zerlina, for she is a small version of her mother – Weezalina, she should be called but she will not be wee for very long so it has been neatened.

And here she is.

I took her from her mother and found it hard to put her down again. I passed her to Dilly and she was cuddled by the rest of the family and then I took her back and held her while I ate my dinner. I haven’t seen her eyes yet, she slept throughout. Her face screwed up a few times and she started to cry, but I have a soporific effect on many people and I was able to soothe her.

She has long fingers and hands. Her skin, soft last night, is now quite dry and wrinkled, but that won’t last long. She is tiny, smaller than any of the other babies in the family were, but quite strong and healthy.

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