Once more, then I’ll let it go

Just to wrap it up – Weeza did put the tooth in milk straight away, so if it could have been reinserted it would have been in a state to be. And now I’ve thought it through a bit, I suspect that the next tooth will edge over to try to fill some of the gap but if that proves a problem when her next front tooth comes through, the dentist can simply whip it out. And at least Zerlina is too little to know what’s happened and not self-conscious, and Weeza says that she’ll treat the whole thing as a badge of honour to show how tough she is when z is old enough to realise.

4 comments on “Once more, then I’ll let it go

  1. Z

    Well, it’ll mean a lopsided smile for several years.

    I think the tooth in milk does work, just that it’s not suitable, or feasible perhaps, with milk (ho ho, see what I did there?) teeth.

  2. Z

    Oh and indeed, poor Weeza was horrified. So much blood that she couldn’t tell if there was another injury, and a poor little tooth on the floor. She dialled 999 and said afterwards that she was almost incoherent with distress, which isn’t my girlie at all.


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