Oh for the wing of a Z…

LT has been initiated into village life, dear patient man that he is.  We’ve been to a meeting of the Village Festival committee.  I explained from the outset that he was there because he was interested, but that he’s not in a position to join the committee at this time (I’m sure he was desperately grateful for that, though it’s just occurred to me that, next year, he could take my place on the committee) and he was welcomed.  And then we came home for wild boar casserole.

It turned out that I didn’t have any recipes for wild boar casserole.  I had recipes for the meat but as chops or a joint.  I sort of thought juniper berries and was going to wing it, though I could have found a recipe online of course, but remembered a lovely hare casserole in a Sophie Grigson book and thought that would translate, and so it did.  Except that LT thought that a few more juniper berries (4 in the marinade, 6 in the casserole, crushed in each case) would be in order, and I decided on port in the marinade rather than red wine.

I’ve practised the clarinet twice today, which is going rather better, though I found myself breathless as well as flabby of lip after a while.  I sight-read several of the pieces, which entailed a certain amount of cussing and chuckling when I got it wrong or, worse, didn’t remember how to play a note.  It doesn’t matter, it’s fun to wing it and, as you know, I love to have fun.

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