Nothing happening. Which is good.

A quiet morning, spent mostly at the computer. There are several things I need to get sorted before I go away on Sunday. I also printed off maps, as I’m visiting a few friends while I’m away, whom I haven’t called on before.

An extremely pleasing post box this morning, furthermore.

Written confirmation that I owe Islington Council Tax department no money at all – I expect I’ll get the money back that I’ve paid and didn’t owe.

Two books and a DVD from Amazon.

A letter and a CD from friends who came to lunch on Saturday. Which I should have put first really. But I am, of course, one of those trusting souls who saves the best until last.
I will take the letter with me to read at the hairdressers this afternoon.

I was charmed, this morning, to find that the chickens ran towards me as I approached. I went to fetch them some melon seeds and rind as a reward. They are my husband’s pets and not mine, and it’s only since we moved their run to beside the veg garden that I’ve spent a lot of time with them.

I studiously ignored the cows, although only one is guilty. We have only two left here at present as the others, including Stumpy my favourite (we reached the cuddly stage of hugs – that is, I hugged her; being hugged by a ton of cow is not necessarily to be recommended; though being kissed by one is quite an experience) have gone back to the farm to prepare for calving.

7 comments on “Nothing happening. Which is good.

  1. Z

    I didn’t owe them money. But they thought I did. I am a landlady in Islington, I’ve a little flat there and there was a couple of months in between tenants.

    I’ll be based in Wiltshire next week. It’ll probably be easier for you to stalk me in Norfolk won’t it?


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