Not so much a fly, as a walk

I poured myself a glass of red wine, took a sip and sat back down at the computer. Minutes later, I picked up the glass and found a fruit fly struggling to swim, so I fished it out with a pencil, which I put down on my desk. It wobbled its way unsteadily along the pencil – well, by now I had such fellow-feeling with the little beastie that I couldn’t kill it. I angled the pencil so that it could walk along the desk.

Just now, I noticed that it had dried out and was walking more briskly – towards the curve of the edge of the desk ……… and it fell off, with an audible plop, onto an envelope on the floor (yes, those four words speak volumes about the tidiness of my study). It staggered under my handbag to sleep it off. I giggled.

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