Not quite an overflow

Russell had always said that the septic tanks were fine and didn’t need to be emptied, but actually it would have been better if they’d been done a few years ago.  As it is, I checked them just in time, I reckon another week and we’d have had a problem with the house one anyway, and the other was pretty damn full too, and they couldn’t be done in one go.  I’ll have to have Clint the honey-cart man back in the spring.  Still, since I did remember to check them, I’m counting this as a win.

Ben was thrilled to see Spike and his dad and cheerily went out to their car.  I wonder if he’ll be surprised not to come home again tonight – though they’ve asked me to look after him on Sunday, when they’re going to be out!  This is going to work in a cheerfully relaxed fashion, it’ll be fine once we’ve all adjusted.

Anastasia woke up after I’d left the lamp on for a couple of hours and basked for a while, then she started to move about a bit so I gave her a warm bath.  Later, when I walked Ben, I found some dandelion leaves and a flower and left them to tempt her to eat, but she walked on by.  However, in the remains of a bag of salad, I found a sprig of lamb’s lettuce and she headed for that and chomped it.  So she’s remembered the pleasure of eating and she will be fine.  Tonight, she’s sleeping in a small terracotta plant pot.  I weighed her, she is just 49 grams and a couple of milligrams shorter than her sister, who kept eating for longer.  I daresay it’ll equal out over the winter.

Two invitations received today, woo hoo!

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