Not much happening

Unwisely, I started the day with some intricate work* on the computer, forgetting I hadn’t put in my contact lenses ad so had to squint myopically and it gave me a migraine. I used to get them quite often and tried all sorts of ways of staving them off – I knew when I’d been overdoing it and so didn’t eat citrus fruit, chocolate, drank no alcohol, tried to get more sleep but not too much – avoided the traditional triggers, sometimes with success and sometimes not. Now, I know that most of the cause, for me, was tension and tiredness and I’m very laid-back at this stage of my life, so they rarely happen. Patterns of moving objects can do it though (I have to be careful around water and sunlight) and this is the cause this morning. Best to just pop a couple of pink pills and keep going, so I’ll ignore it and it will go away.

I sat down to write last night and realised that nothing interesting had happened. Still hasn’t. We’re not flooded, and now the sky is blue, though it looks a bit breezy. My sister was supposed to come to visit this weekend, but couldn’t make it in the end – just as well, yesterday was not the best day to travel. The Sage’s sister arrived home by train on Thursday evening – the same train line she had been on was impassable by last night.

Next weekend, I’m going to London – just for the Friday night. Visiting my little girl and her lovely husband. We’ll have a nice meal at wherever they have booked (no trouble finding good places to eat in their neck of the woods) and spend Saturday together.

And, before then, we have an anniversary and a birthday. On Monday, it’ll be the 21st anniversary of moving here – coming home, as far as the Sage is concerned. Have I ever told you that this is the house he was born in? His parents bought it the year after they were married, in 1928, and lived here for the rest of their lives.

On Tuesday, my younger son Ro will be 23. Which is why I remember the day we moved – I’m not big on commemorating dates, but we can’t forget that one.

My eyesight has cleared and no headache has started yet. Maybe I’ll get away with it.

*You are so polite. I put ‘word’ this morning and no one has mentioned it. How intricate does a word have to be, to bring on a ‘pattern of moving objects’-caused migraine.
Maybe you are as unobservant as I’m a bad typist?

6 comments on “Not much happening

  1. Dandelion

    I had a migraine once. It was quite scary because I didn’t think I got them, so it never occurred to me until the headache part that that’s what it was. I thought I was having a stroke, or a brain haemorrage, what with all the neurological disturbance. Hope you evaded yours.

    I love that it’s the house he was born in, and I’m glad you celebrate the date. I still dream about a certain house every night. I long to buy it back, but I’d have to be a millionaire to get it now.

  2. Z

    My mother had them all her life, even as a little girl. After my father died, they got much worse and made her ill for several days at a time, so I’m lucky.

    I can’t imagine that we’ll ever leave here. The house is part of the family. It’s scruffy and relaxed, because we are, but very much loved.

  3. hey bartender

    That’s really lovely. The house I was born in and the ones where my parents were born are not in neighborhoods that I would ever live in. They’re city mice, you see. And I have gone a bit country.

  4. Z

    I revisited the house I grew up in, and of which I remember every inch, about five years ago. It had been divided into two and altered…I was glad to revisit, but it felt odd.

    A couple of years ago, I went to the house I adored and lived in for ten years before I lived here. Still lovely, but this is home now.

  5. The Boy

    I had a migrane once, not fun at all.

    We’ve now been at our house for 10 years. There are things that would make us move, but not many. I suspect we’ll be here in our dottage.

    Its funny, until here I’d lived at no one place longer than about 4 years. A very different upbringing to my kids, where no one place was home. I like it though, its so comfortable to have roots.

  6. Z

    My daughter went through a bad time for migraines when she was in her early teens – three days in bed every fortnight. We tracked down the root cause in the end, but it was a miserable time for her. Al only had one once and it was a bad one – he was made to run round the sports field at school in the midday sun and it made him very ill. Ro gets them occasionally, but also knows the triggers – more than a couple of drinks is one – keeps him moderate in his habits!

    This place is a big commitment as there’s a lot of land, though it’s not a lovely garden by any means: fields, the drive and hedges are most of it and I still haven’t weeded the beds once this year (except in the veg garden). Life could be easier somewhere else, but I’d not choose that.


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